Returning to France


We seem to be in a bit of an impasse. An elderly relative has been staying with us since last July. We had planned to try to get her home to England after Christmas, but were stymied by the lockdown. Now, she has been diagnosed with a heart problem and, speaking to FCDO, there seems to be no problem getting into the UK, assuming a negative Covid test. The problem seems to be getting back into France; said relative has to be accompanied to England by my wife and I can’t find (or don’t understand) under which of the new regulations she would be allowed to return to France. Does anyone have a more informed understanding of the situation or can you suggest an English-speaking authority we could consult? (I should add that, despite our excellent health service, treatment in France is not an option.)

All help appreciated


Is there any way that the traveller can be accompanied eg to get on the eurostar/boat/aeroplane by you and then picked up at the other end by someone else? If there isn’t a member of family or friend you can get a Universal Aunt (assuming they still exist).

Your wife or the relative? If your wife, does she have a CdS proving residency in France?

Hi Vero
I don’t think she would manage the journey by boat by herself- she needs to be accompanied and also has a dog. Normally we get a pet-friendly cabin on the boat or go by car through the tunnel.

The requirements are here Franz.

Hi Graham

It’s getting my wife back to France that is the issue. Regarding CdS, we’ve not applied yet although we’ve been here 4 years. I hold a German as well as a UK Passport and I’ve yet to find definitive info on the residence status of UK spouses of EU nationals. In any event, we can at least produce the email receipt to say we have applied for CdS; in my case I suppose it’s cheaper than applying for a German ID card and saves carrying round my passport.
Whether we would need to apply for CdS for said relative if she is still here at the end of March is, I think, a moot point.
At least the sun is shining!

German ID card kostet nur 37 Euro und ist 10 Jahre gültig, not exactly a big investment. (French cartes d’identité are free unless you lose yours and have to get a new one, then they cost 25€).

You are allowed to return to your main residence, but it seems that might need prior agreement from your préfecture if she does ‘t yet have a titre de séjour…

More generally, the advice from the British Embassy is that all British Nationals need to apply for a CdS no matter who they are married to. What you need to do in this scenario is set out in the flow chart and it’s pretty straightforward I believe.

If said relative is still here at end of march and has exceeded her 90 days then there is a process to inform the authorities re imperative reasons etc etc.