Revenue Declaration in 2019-ON-LINE 10 April

(stella wood) #1

Has anyone done the on-line Declaration this year… ???

I’ve been doing on-line for several years… but… the website seems totally changed around and it’s thrown me, just a little… :upside_down_face::zipper_mouth_face::thinking:


Exchange rate for 2018
(Lily Stevens) #2

This year will be our first time online. With helpful links from SF members I did have a look last year knowing that from 2019 online would become compulsory. It seemed fairly straight forward. When I had a look online the other day I was completely lost…help!
My husband always deals with any paper work :angel: but he is not really computer savvy so I will need to get my head around how to do it :thinking:
If it is compulsory from this year why is there return dates for online and papier options?


(stella wood) #3

Hi Lily… you can do a paper declaration… there is provision for this. Not everyone is capable/adept with computers… nothing to be ashamed of.

Simply go to your Tax Office and ask to do the Paper Declaration… and they will help you…

(also… first-timers are always in paper form…)

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(Chris Elliott) #4

Weirdly I looked today - but as far as I can tell the “forms” not up yet

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(stella wood) #5

I’ve investigated via droits-finances or whatever it is… and they are saying the same thing… and advising folk to be patient…

The forms were online 11th April last year, so a few days before we can start claiming they are late… :grin::grin:

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(Lily Stevens) #6

Not the first time Stella!
I will have another look after the 11th and see if I can manage the online version.


(stella wood) #7

Lily… you asked why there were different deadlines… and that is because there are always Paper Declarations… first-timers… and also folk who need to do Paper rather than online…

There is no need to put yourself through the hassle… of course, it is your decision… but the option for Paper is there… no problem.

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(Lily Stevens) #8

Thank you muchly xx


(Ann Coe) #9

I will do my paper declarations, as is usual…I have to do it for 3 people. The lady who is in charge at the impôts understands why and is always helpful. She mentioned last year that that she will help me with trying to do on line declarations this year.
Alas as my dear mum passed away recently I am not really on top form so will once again go to see her for advice.
As I have already said numerous times the staff at the impôts would prefer that you ask questions and will generally help all they can.

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(Terry Williams) #10

I received my paper forms in the post last week. I refuse to do it on line because the tax people in Paris, where the majority of my income originates, are incapable of passing on the info to my local tax office and I’m not going to put myself through the stress of trying to sort out the figures on line. On top of that I suffer from macular degeneration and reading/writing figures on screen is becoming a major problem. Which means the chances of entering wrong numbers is not a risk I want to take. My local tax inspector told me a couple of years back that I had to do it on line. So I asked him: “If that is the case why does it say on the form that if for whatever reason I don’t feel able to do my return by computer I can continue to do it on paper?” Funnily, he didn’t have an answer to that.


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(stella wood) #12

Yippee… it’s open…today…mind you it took me a moment to see the black box on the RHS… clearly marked " “Accéder à la déclaration en ligne” :laughing:

There is an interesting pdf which gives clear details on how to complete the Declaration… seems useful for all situations…


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(Graham Lees) #14

and, don’t forget you can do a simulation here.
and my simulation shows 0 impôt sur revenu net :relaxed:

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(stella wood) #15

Great… but don’t forget to do the “real thing”… :hugs:


(Graham Lees) #16

We have an assistant to do this for us each year and he has the figures, but thanks for the reminder.


(Chris Elliott) #17

1 and a half declarations done - then I got confused.

Box 8TT - Insurance Contracts opened abroad. Does this mean Assurance Vie managed outside France - is it new or did I miss it last year. The Assurance Vie I listed in overseas accounts last year.


(Simon Armstrong) #18

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(stella wood) #19

Hello Simon… :wink: what are you up to… :thinking:

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(stella wood) #20

Someone…help please…

what annual/average exchange rate is everyone using for the Sterling to Euro… for the 2018 Income Declaration… ???