Revenue Declarations 2019 (for 2018)

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Correct Richard - it’s the same every year. This year it’s 4 deadlines- one for paper and 3 depending on your department - see post 18 above :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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And, can I just add, that I got absolutely no help from a help-line that was mentioned in Connexions. Can’t even get the number to ring. Got no answers from an email address given out by Connexions either. BUT emailed the Messagerie sécurisée in Mon Espace Particulier and they responded within an hour. So I’ve just thanked them for their speed and asked them another question. Admittedly it has to be written in French but they seemed to understand me. Just thought it might help people that were struggling.

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I hate that publication tbh.
They often get things wrong and serially ‘add weight’ or sensationalise articles in order to get people to buy a subscription.
Wouldn’t be surprised, given their current way of working - if they were on their way down the tubes like a few others have done in the past after getting people to part with their brass.
Been there, done that!

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We’re a really mixed-bag on this forum… with a wealth of anecdotes … good and bad experiences… and I reckon we knock LC into a cocked-hat…but, that is only my opinion… others may disagree… :upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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(maria baksh) #96

Hello this is my first post, this is our 2nd month here.
From reading this I understand that i do not have to notify the tax office until next year of my situation, by which time I should be more fluent😊
I am afirst timer so paper is my way to go and presumably I collect this from our local office in Le Blanc. I have been told that I need to open a micro entrepreneur as I get paid from my husbands business in England, but I don’t really understand why, any light to be shed on this?
Sorry if this is not quite the reply to the original text.

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Hi Maria an welcome to the forum!

Correct - you don’t need to complete a tax return until next Spring 2020, your first return will be a paper one (unless anything changes!) and the forms will be available at your local tax office for you to pick up - they won’t be sent to you. Your tax office will already know you’re on their patch due to your local taxes.

As for setting up as a micro-entrepreneur - that really does depend on your status regards your working activity, where it’s performed and your income. There are many different structures available (micro-entrepreneur being just one) - some pretty straightforward, some not so. It’s important to get the correct professional advice.

Best of luck in your new venture!

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(stella wood) #98

Hello Maria and “welcome back” to the Forum… did you ever get the water sorted out back in 2014 ??

If you are only now, Resident… Yes, you will make your Declaration of Worldwide Income… here in France next May.

Are you being paid as an employee ??? or as a supplier ???

(maria baksh) #99

Yes the water is fine all done as is electricity and gas! Next move is. Fosse septic and internet connection for the children. More important to them than tax :rofl:
Anyway I am paid a wage not as a supplier. He is in the construction industry and I do paperwork and online stuff from here. Am also paid my directors cut, which is obviously taxable.

(stella wood) #100

sounds like you have a lot on the go… good luck.

I’m sure someone will chime in with helpful info… re tax etc etc

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(Anna Watson) #101

If you’re an employee of your husband’s business, the business needs to declare you to URSSAF as an employee living in France and start paying social contributions here for you. URSSAF has published a guide in English to explain what to do

Especially with it being your husband’s business it’s important not to risk getting picked up for “salariat déguisé” or concealed employment, because France cracks down very hard on that and it is the employer who is sanctioned. Since your OH is in the construction industry I’m sure he will be familiar with the UK’s False Self-employment Legislation, and France applies similar policies across the board not just in construction. France’s main criteria for distinguishing between employment and self-employment is the “lien de subordination” or the “link of subordination”, so basically if you don’t have complete freedom to accept or refuse work and to decide where, when and how you will do it in order to deliver the agreed deliverables, and what fee you will charge for those deliverables, you are considered an employee. This article gives a good explanation

In practical terms - as a micro entrepreneur you need a separate bank account for your business earnings, and if the only money going into it is one regular payment from the same source, and no business expenses going out, then in the event of a contrôle it will immediately look like salarié déguisé rather than an independent business.

Going through the correct channels will be more expensive for the business but it will give you better social protection, and it will avoid the risk of eye-watering fines for the business.

(Simon Armstrong) #102

Ok well - you’re working in France so therefore fully taxable in France. I see Anna is replying so she’ll set you right!

Edit - she beat me to it :wink:

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(Anna Watson) #103

Just to add: although you don’t need to submit your income declaration until next year, it’s important that you register with the social security authorities immediately, or at least, as soon as you start doing any paid work here. Income tax and social security contributions are two separate things in France, dealt with by separate organisations. You must be registered in the French social security system if you are working here, otherwise it’s what is termed “au noir” or “on the black”. More to the point, especially since you mentioned children, you need to be registered and contributing in order to access healthcare and family benefits.

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(stella wood) #104

@maria_baksh What age are your children ??? Are they in school ???

As Anna says… get on with the health stuff straight away… for everyone’s sake…

(Jeanette Leuers) #105

I have never attempted to fill it in, before…paper stuff is unintelligible, but gets done if only on the strength of ticking the no telly box… But its a beautifully smooth site to use. So this time, I “read” as much as is possible, with instant English translation, on my tablet.
I found I had no real idea what the qs are about, and just wrote them a thank you note in the box provided, and explained… not that I was the only person EVER, in school to get a lousy 7% in a maths exam, but that I have complete faith in their ability to come up with preferred replies/totals etc…whatever they are, and thats fine with me.
Its a superb, mind blowing escape from arithmetic, that they can access my and your and anyones bank accounts, and work out the sums in seconds, that would probably take me five months.
I just hope that signing it, as they suggest…because they have already worked it all out, …with the Click Here button, will be all they need. Its like a dream come true. NO SUMS. EVER AGAIN. Do you think that will be OK?

(Anna Watson) #106

Can they really ???
I don’t think they can…

(Graham Lees) #107

I agree with Anna; how could they determine what is ‘income’ ripe for taxation set apart from other monies which quite legitimately arrive in your account on which no tax consideration is due?
Quite right that the fisc can access your bank account without your knowledge or permission in circumstances where there is a legitimate reason or suspicion of impropriety (evasion, for example) but it would be impossible to expect them to calculate everyone’s bill that way… :thinking:
Or have I misunderstood the purpose of your post?

(Jeanette Leuers) #108

A question for Anna, please? If you have time. I’m never sure if I’m registered with the correct social security dept, or not.
If you can answer this q for me, I will stop having cauchemars about falling into ditches on my bike.
Lived here since…95/96? Attempting to legalise, at the time when being legal resident ceased…I signed on first in the department that gives SIRET/SIRENE numbers. That is still operative. I’ve got those.
They are asked for when doing shows in France occasionally.

Paid for all medication and doctors visits, having no carte vitale, etc for a few years, then …I think …its the org. CPAM…big govt. offices, with long queues, in the capital…that connected Brit OAP pension and healthcare with the French system…long time queueing for signing on to something.

   Plus about the same time, signed on to 'top up'.. insurance. 

I can’t remember what it was called…the signing up…exactly, but my Carte Vitale arrived soon after. And since then …doctors/medics of every kind, almost always, require that card, with payments necessary…for all med and teeth treatment. Recent discovery…no payment necessary, with my green card, for teeth…new laws.

I read somewhere that as artist entrepreneur, I should sign up in a particular health dept. And attempted to sign up to PUMA,  I got a message to say that I already had an account, 

(although…I think…that account might be in my name, spelt wrongly.)

(Jeanette Leuers) #109

Heavens! If they can’t, thats a surprise! Anna! You don’t think they might have a special department for dummies who cannot understand tax stuff? I’m sure I signed something ages ago, that gave them permission…PLUS… they have all my bank bic and other Bank ID numbers…PLUS!..there was a question to tick…to say ,“yes…its OK for them to root around in my bank accounts whenever they want to”…!! Hey…maybe its one of those scams out of Nigeria!
Not that it will help anyone in Nigeria…I’m not a wealthy woman.
I was quite astonished they had so much info!

(Simon Armstrong) #110

Oh heck Jeanette…please get some professional help with your tax affairs.

(Graham Lees) #111

IIRC the fisc ask for your details so they can poke money directly into your account such as in circumstances where you are due a rebate.