Review Home Internet - 4G Box from Bouygues Telecom


(anon88888878) #42

No probs Steve - glad you’ve joined the fast internet world!! Streaming films is not that bad really - between 1-3GB / hour depending on the quality (SD v HD). We have an IPTV service at home (no satellite, ADSL, aerial service) and watch Live TV, Films & Catch-up pretty ‘normally’ (i.e. whenever we want!) and never get anywhere near the 200GB limit. Anyway - happy touring and happy viewing :slight_smile:

(Steve Robinson) #43

Hi Simon,
Like you we are still over the moon about our 4Gbox. I notice above that you have also ditched your landline. €15 per month to Orange for a few calls out and a lot of sales calls in is just not worth it for me. Do you just rely on your mobiles now. Or can the telephone connection on the box be activated as a home phone. SWIMBO is still hankering to keep the landline. I did buy an OBI100 VOIP box a while back when I first got Satellite Internet but didn’t persever when I found the satellite so slow.

(anon88888878) #44

Hi Steve - yep we just use our mobiles - or Skype, Duo’s, Messenger. Currently - the phone socket on the 4G Box is disabled.

You really need to ask yourself WHY you want to keep the landline. So many folks still pay the 15€ fee to Orange every month alongside their ADSL line - I’ve never understood it :slight_smile: Filthy habit lol!

Love, love, love my 4G Box !!! :-:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Bill Morgan) #45

We changed from Orange mobile to Bouygues, to improve the poor signal, was much better for a while, then returned to poor signal again, we and neighbours have reported this, Bouygues have shown not the least interest in the problem, quite a few unhappy clients here!

(anon88888878) #46

Phew - glad we don’t have the same issue’s around here - fab 4G coverage - happy boy :slight_smile:

(Graham Lees) #47

Is there a way of ‘improving’ the range to the 4G mast by installing an aerial on your own property?
In our case, we are about 1k short of the strong 4G signal area.

(anon88888878) #48

Graham - I’m not really up to speed on that however Bouygues recommend this piece of kit as a 4G signal receiver / booster for their 4G Box - so maybe it or something along these lines would do the trick?

Antenne 4G LTE MIMO Directionnelle

(Graham Lees) #49

Brilliant Simonl just what I was looking for… will now investigate further.

(Nigel Birkett) #50

Please please do you yourself a favour and have nothing to do with Bouygues. Their customer service is truly the worst (yes that is saying something compared to SFR, France Telecom, BT etc). I ordered a 4G box in January and they made an error in trying to dispatch 2 of them and charging me twice. I tried to contact them to rectify this and realised that I was in a Catch 22 situation in not being able to speak to anyone as I didn’t have a french mobile number. Realising how poor a company they are I cancelled the order(s). The saga has gone on and on and they have now instructed debt collectors to recover money charged for non return of equipment even though they have confirmed on the phone 3 times that have the equipment (I refused delivery) and I have nothing to pay.


(anon88888878) #51

Oh dear ! :handbag: :handbag: :handbag: :handbag: :handbag:

(Graham Lees) #52

On the other hand Nigel, we have 2 mobile contracts with Bouygues Telecom and whilst with one contract we had an initial issue (which to be honest could well have been my own fault) after it was rectified on line with them, we have enjoyed a very good service for not much money.
So they get a thumbs up from me…

(John Dunstan) #53

Hi Graham, just wondering if you bought this antennae. . I live near Morzine in the Alps. My 4 g box varies between 1 and 15 mbps Does it just plug into the telephone socket on the box
John Dunstan

(Graham Lees) #54

No John, we didn’t proceed with the antennae in the end as we didn’t go for the 4G router.

(Mat Davies) #55

How are people getting on with 4G?

We are having problems with our Orange fixed phone line and I am considering switching.

Do they have an English speaking phone line?

(Paul Flinders) #56

The Orange English speaking customer service line is on 09 69 36 39 00

(Mat Davies) #57

Sorry Paul I was looking for the Bouygues English seeking number if they have one (I am not suggesting that they should either!)

(Timothy Cole) #58

Very funny Mat.:grinning:

(Paul Flinders) #59

Ah, apologies :slight_smile:

(Teresa Shipley) #60

We went to a Bouyges shop for our 4g box. It was so simple, plugged it in and 5 minutes later really good internet. Don’t know about English speaking line though.