ReVolt : USB power your battery devices

SO, if I have this correct it turns your cordless device into a corded one.

Just at the moment where averything else is trying to go the other way.

Sorry Graham - this one doesn’t seem that great an idea to be honest.

Maybe you wouldn’t lose then so quickly!

Don’t disagree Paul but it’s out there if anyone has a use for it.
It’s not my personal recommendation, its just by way of information and who knows how it may further develop over time. And don’t forget that some people use rechargeable batteries anyway and this might be just an alterantive they seek…
I’m merely the messenger :raised_hands:

A ReVolting idea :smile: They should have called it the Lilibet charger. That’d be a sure fire winner. Breathing new life into old accumulators.

I wonder who has the Lilibet trademark registered? I’m thinking of registering Lili-Bet as an online gambling site for the upper classes. is available for $8.99.