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Just in case you’re planning to use it this morning for shopping or something. There appears to be a problem with top ups and spending. Take another means of payment with you :slight_smile:

Mine did work for a payment today but wasnt showing the exchange rate first thing.
Just checked, still not showing exchange rate.

Today I looked at my revolut balance and found that a debit to Castorama which was completed immediately last Thursday 18th has been debited again yesterday and says a pending payment is now completed. It never was pending.
The total clearly shows that I have paid twice and the bot on the revolut site says it is up to the shop to reimburse me.
I rang castorama who as the line was crackly have advised me to return to the shop with my receipt. So now I have to drive to Angouleme and sort it.
Anyone else have this problem? If so how easy was it to sort out?

@Teresaship did you get your issue with Revolut/Castorama resolved Teresa?
I have just set up a Revolut account through my smartphone which shows it to be in Euros.

  • How easy it is to have (for example) pension money in sterling paid into the Revolut account and to take it in Euro?
  • Do they do a conversion of sterling amounts paid in to the currency?
  • And how easy it it to contact them by conventional means?
    Sorry for the list of questions.

You may already have a Sterling account with them.

Normally you get a Sterling account by default then unlock the euro account - you can then see 2 accounts on the home screen that you swipe left or right between them.

Once both accounts are active you will have sort code and accont number for the sterling account and a BIC / IBAN for your Euro account.

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To see if both accounts already exist, click on Dashboard in bottom right, then the cog in top right, the account details.

If Sterling is not showing click on add account at the top.


I recently tried to set up an online account with Revolut but had a problem completing. I couldn’t find any contact details so decided to view their Facebook page. Upon doing so I came across many complaints about their customer service, accounts being blocked and just general bad business practices. This really made me wary of this company so I decided to abandon setting up an account. I think perhaps Revolut has expanded too quickly to the detriment of their clients.

Yes. I got my money back within 24 hours without going into the shop so I assume the accounts dept at Castorama put it right. I did also speak ( type ) to a real person at revolut who was extremely helpful, so you can directly message a human.
Firstly you will get a bot, if that doesn’t answer your query they will ask if you need a human.
As Mat says you link a bank account to your revolut card and move money when you need to.
It is much cheaper than using a UK debit card as it doesn’t incur transfer fees and is a decent rate, also you know exactly what rate you are getting. So your conversion rate is displayed each time you exchange money.
I have the basic card which allows me to draw cash too, up to €200 per month free of charges but I can draw more and pay 2% fee.
I do all of my grocery shopping on revolut.
And our French bank account is kept for our direct debits .

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Thanks @Mat_Davies and @Teresaship for your helpful replies.
I initially set up a Euro account as the account creation bot asked me to state where I lived, it gave me a euro account by default :smile:
I was then able to unlock a sterling account and as Mat says, it provides the account numbers/sort codes for both and BIC/IBAN for the euro account.
The only issue I had was confirming the email which somehow or other I managed to screw up but Vanessa came to the rescue and managed to do it but (in true female fashion) doesn’t know how she did it. Was that your issue @Joyce_Hartley ?

Now you can see both accounts you can exchange money between them (so long as you have sent money to it first from elsewhere.

Just click on exchange to convert money.

I have to admit before I used it properly, I sent £1 to my sterling Revolut account, converted it to Euros then sent it to my Britline Euro account just to check it all worked.

If you have not already ordered a card you may want to.

Whenever a transaction happens with Revolut I get an instant notification on my phone - I often get this within a couple of seconds whilst still standing at the till in a shop.

I have recently found that you can store a photo of each receipt within the app - just click on each transaction. (the inner organised nerd in me likes this!)

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Very useful Mat.
One further quick question if I can:
Do you have to declare the account (either the sterling one or the Euro one) to the fisc with your tax return?
I haven’t declared my French cheque account (Banque Pop) as it’s not an external account but what is the status of the Revolut accounts?
Are they considered intra-France and thus beyond the scope of the tax regulation as any other French account is or are they considered within the scope of a requirement to advise the opening of the account(s) in this year’s return.

@Graham_Lees - I don’t know the answer to this but I am sure someone will.

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Did you declare it (do you submit a French tax return)?

I haven’t had to yet as am a newbie as a permenant resident.

We were told to declare every single account we had (worldwide) everywhere that we had money, whatever sort and whether we used it or not.

Can’t be a bad thing (can it) and better than possibly finding oneself “in the wrong” at a later date. (and at least the money-trail can be clearly seen)

Just thinking… :thinking:

No, that wasn’t my particular issue, Graham. I personally would declare this type of £Sterling account on my French tax return to be on the safe side. (I even declare my CurrencyFair exchange account, which is probably unnecessary but gives me peace of mind.)

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An interesting article here about Revolut which gives me some encouragement about its origins and its future.

@Graham_Lees - just give it a try for the next month and see what you think.

I have been using it for about 18 months and the last 3 months as effectively my only payment method and I am delighted with it - the flexibility it offers is astonishing let along the exchange rate which is better than all of the other exchange providers.

I think in 5 years or so the other banks will operate in the same way.

I think you are right Mat.
I intend to abandon my plan today to transfer UK funds to World Remit for onward transmission to my French bank account and send it instead to Revolut.

Tried to use my Visa Debit card to transfer £1000 to Revolut but it mentioned that it was above their limit so tried various lesser amounts until it eventually accepted £200 transaction on the card so it seems will have to use on-line banking to transfer a higher amount which is a bit of a bummer.
For transferring sums in euro from Revolut to a French bank account, is there a SEPA charge?