RHS Certicates...Garden design, permaculture, viticulture and more!

I just thought I’d let you all know about some of the RHS and other courses that you can study via distance learning. Now that there’s very little that can be done in the garden without contracting frost-bite you might like to check out some of the courses from The Garden Design Academy, so you can sit by the fire and improve your skills for the spring. They offer a range of courses from Garden Design to Permaculture, Viticulture, Landscaping and the RHS Certificates in Horticulture. You can split the fee into two payments as well.

Jane, a friend of mine, who shall remain nameless faked an Agricultural Decree and that was accepted without a word by MSA. But I would check in advance with the College if they have European recognition for their certificates, I would also check with MSA, just because a certificate has European recognition does not mean that they will play nice.

Hi Jayne,

You’d need to ask the people at the Garden Design Academy…or if you’d rather, I’ll ask for you. Here’s their contact details 02 54 40 15 42 | email : info@gardendesignacademy.com , please mention Wendy from Facilitutors when you contact them!
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Feel free to contact me if i can help at all.

Wendy x

Just had a look at your web site and it looks great! Am seriously thinking of enrolling for a distance course for next winter - we run a plant nursery so won't have the time before then! Are these qualifications recognised in France? We are with the MSA and if they are recognised they may be very useful!

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You’re welcome Hilary. I bet your garden would win prizes!

Thanks for that Wendy -I used to teach Garden Design for the City and Guilds Certificate - was really enjoyable!