Right to residency - Early retiree

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Don’t be prickly Harry! You should know by now that we regard you as a friend and we value your posts enormously, but it’s difficult if we can’t have a bit of banter between friends. If you see Polish written without a capital letter, it says polish which is the stuff you polish furniture with, and polish also makes you think boot-black which you’d probably get shot these days for mentioning in the same sentence as immigrants. So it’s amusing, it would be amusingwhoever wrote it.
Yesterday I teased a poster for saying he planned to move in 2919, obviously it was a slip of the finger and he meant 2019 at least I imagine he did, but it was funny to read so we had a bit of banter about it. Friendly banter isn’t the same as taking the piss.
:kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:
PS that smiley is meant to be kissy kissy, it does look like somebody sticking their tongue out but it isn’t!

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Dominic, I don’t know if this would count, but if you are bringing your car over you can declare that it is leaving the UK permanently and then have it re-registered i. France.
This would show that you intend to stay.
Just a thought.

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I’m sorry, it was a light hearted reply. The smiley face was a clue.

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It certainly wouldn’t do any harm but France allows non residents to register cars at their holiday homes. It would probably be worth going to the Mairie, telling them that you’ve arrived for good this time and asking if they can confirm that in writing.

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I keep reading this but I honestly doubt that it carries any weight at all with the national authorities; at best it proves you’re spending time here and you know the mayor, but it doesn’t prove that you’re technically entitled to be living here,because your mayor isn’t going to check your status is he/she. I think my maire’s response would be “I can’t sign that, how do I know how long you’re going to stay?”

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im very sensitive over my spelling and grammar ive suffered fo years (many as a child undiagnosed as it was back 40 years ago) Phonological, surface, rapid, double deficit and naming dyslexia, some very mild some hit me hard on a daily basis. I do apologise if I bit a bit hard but its very difficult it funny as had you said it Anna a name I recognise i would likely have found it funny but as a name I did not recognise I just saw it as yet another person ribbing me for my grammar and spelling. Alas writing on forums and facebook I have come across many a foul person who chooses to shout at people for it and sadly it has over the years hardened me ad set me in a very rigid path with responses. Yesterday said goodbye to our friend whos been her for 2 months who we likely wont see again in person and was just back from seeing them drive away on a bus to airport. (not an excuse ) I should have know better than to bite at that point. I do think its important that if we dont have regular banter with a person to make it clear we are having ajoke and on the other hand @sax I most “polish” up my humour too.

Thank you @smwsplr as well, you know what for.

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As I said before I moved early. The trouble with excersising the right to free movement and becoming resident in France it is seamless, it’s hard to ‘prove’ when you arrived. This might be even harder if you were a regular holiday visitor. If I am ever asked to prove when I arrived in France it’s in black and white on my first tax return. All I’m suggesting is that if you don’t have that level of proof a letter of attestation from the Mairie certainly won’t do any harm. I see you missed the important words out from my sentence when you copied it for your reply. I wrote ‘it would probably be worth’ that put my suggestion into context. By leaving out those words you are suggesting that I said something else.

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Thanks all for your comments so far.
As an early retiree (inactive) I understand you have to have a certain amount of finance to avoid burdening the state. Anyone have any experience of this or the amounts involved?

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Do you have an income or savings? The answer will depend on that.

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Exactly, and that’s what they will go by, the date you give on your tax return as the date you arrived. Which should also be the date you gave the UK as your leaving date.
Yes sorry the quote did end up sounding misleading, I didn’t notice that. Wasn’t done on purpose.

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The smiley face was supposed to show that my comment was light hearted. I’m new to the forum and didn’t expect such a hard response. Like a few others I’m looking for a new forum to use and thought I’d give this one a go. It’s just received it’s first black mark on my list of positive and negative points. On the plus side I think it is very well laid out, fast and easy to use.
Slightly off topic. Does anyone know any other words where a noun and proper noun with the same spelling are pronounced differently?

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Dominic, I’ve only been on here for a few months and I’m still learning the ropes as it were. It’s completely different to the chatterbox section on FE which I see as a good thing.

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As I said, people without that luxury, who have not completed their first tax return need to make use of what they have. A letter from the Mairie might not be rock solid confirmation of your taking up residency but what harm would it do?
With this knock back, the Polish polish and the rejection of the fact that I registered a car using a certificate of permanent export in lieu of a V5 I’m finding my first couple of days on SFN a baptism of fire. Not what I expected at all! Nice to meet you too.

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Thanks Tim.

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It just goes to show that different people’s experiences of the same thing can vary, even though there shouldn’t be that variance. Doesn’t mean its right or wrong.

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We have a letter from the marie saying when I arrived to live here permanently, but my wife is french so i’m in a different boat from most people.

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XI’m sorry Mark, I haven’t got a clue what your comment is referring to. Which thing are you talking about? If it’s the certificate that’s black and white, it can be used in lieu of a V5. If it is rejected the person who rejected it is wrong.

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OK Dominic, I’ve changed my post so that it quotes your whole sentence.

I apologise if I upset you. The only reason I picked up on it is that it sounded to me like one of the many urban myths that circulate on another forum for anglos (not FE which I somehow missed out on and it seems like it’s too late to start discovering it now!). I don’t frequent the other one any more either, but it used to be full of people saying “just do this and you’ll be all right”, it used to horrify me to think of the nasty shocks that people might get if they took the advice. You’re absolutely right a letter from the mayor won’t do any harm and for banks etc it might well be useful. But I don’t think people should count on being able to use it when it comes to proving residence, they should make absolutely sure that they get the other necessary proofs in place, ie tax papers and healthcare attestations.

Am I forgiven?

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It’s not a case of being forgiven but I wish you’d followed what I’d been writing in this thread and not just jumped on my back for mentioning one of your pet hates.
A précis, I earlier said that if I was a late arrived in France I would want to have been resident for at least three months but proving when you arrived is difficult. Jane W suggested that your proof could be your car export paperwork. I added that it would probably be a good idea to get conformation from your Mairie.
If people are clutching at straws a greater number of straws can’t be a bad thing.

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You have put your finger on exactly where our views differ, because I don’t believe in encouraging people to clutch at straws. To me, thinking you have a safety net when in fact it won’t/might not hold your weight, is worse than knowing you don’t have a safety net and therefore you have to take careful steps. Three months is only an issue for inactifs in any case, and for them I think the best way to prove it is to get their PUMa application in. That will carry weight.