Right to residency - Early retiree

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Hummmmmm…and we’re off…:-:thinking:

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click on Ressources suffisantes and then select whichever age group you fall into.

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If you are going to be such a pedant everytime I post something I think my time on SFR will be very short indeed. Luckily people are allowed to have different opinions and your opinion is no more valid than my own. I have always been referring to people who are planning to arrive in France at the eleventh hour before Brexit. Those people will often be clutching at straws. I didn’t, inchanged my plans. I find your high and mighty attitude unpleasant. Is this the best way to welcome new members? Do the established posters see the closure of FE as a threat to their status quo?

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I thought you said the other forum was unfriendly.

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I can’ help it, pedant is my middle name :grin: But I did think I had the right to express my view just as much as everyone else, and that’s all I do. Where did I say I’m right and you’re wrong? I said, our views differ. Because clearly they do. You seemed to object to my post, so I came back and explained why I feel as I do. Now you’ve explained why you feel as you do, which I accept as a valid view though it hasn’t changed my own view. People are totally free to decide which view they share or they might have a totally different view. Probably most of them will think as you do, that I’m an old pedant.

However I don’t like aggro so I’ll keep well out of your way in future. I go days and sometimes weeks without looking in here, depends on workload, so enjoy the forum and don’t let me put you off.

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It can be absolutely anything, getting cars registered, health cover, etc etc. Some do one thing and it works for them, someone else may do the same thing somewhere else and it doesn’t work.
It’s why we have (sometimes heated) discussions

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But it does put me off and I see another member has carried on where you left off. Happy days.

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I understand that. I’m new to SFR, I’m not new to forums.

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Yep Dominic - I always found FE to be really unfriendly and, at times, downright agressive and hurtful. They had a core of playground bullies who revelled in making life difficult for the less ‘eloquent’ or knowledgeable - but then I guess you know that. I really do hope ‘they’ don’t spill over into SFN - a decent place with great advice and well moderated (FE wasn’t!).

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Stick with it and join in with the discussions, I am sure your experiences will help someone with a question.

When having a good face to face discussion with friends over a glass of wine it is always good fun to disagree from time to time as that is when the good discussions start - how boring it would be if we all agreed!

It has always seemed that something that is written can be interpreted in a way which wasn’t meant by the author in the there is no facial/hand gestures included (other than emoji perhaps but I still don’t understand these!) - the same thing can be said face to face without causing offence but when written it all kicks off.

This issue must be common to all forums, perhaps short video clips are a solution?

Now for emojis - smiley, smiley, thumbs up… etc!

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As someone who has been a member of FE pretty much from the start I think it’s a bit unfair to tar everybody with the same brush so could people please give any newcomers a chance, as I said earlier I’m still trying to work out how much of my humour SF members will put up with.:wink:

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I used a smiley face to highlight something that amused me. I got a negative rant in return.
I offered my experience of using a certificate of permanent export to register a car in France. The resident expert came back saying that none of his clients had done so ignoring the fact that it had worked for me. (Probably a problem with his local prefecture not the certificate itself so that should no longer be an issue)
I made a practical suggestion to help those hoping to become French resident at the eleventh hour before Brexit and was, well the only word I can think of is, attacked. In that case I was surprised that the long standing member who always suggests asking the Mairie didn’t back me up.
All in all a pretty unwelcoming first 24 hours.

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Hi Anna, thanks for that. I had got to this earlier from a previous link you gave :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I don’t quite understand what it is saying. So I am under 65 and would be moving out on my own (wife to follow…). The figure quoted in this context of $545.48 is that how much income I have to have each month? or a maximum I can have as income? Apologies if I’m mis-reading it as I mm using google translate within Chrome.

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That’s the minimum income they are likely to want to see, to be sure you’re going to be self sufficient and not a potential burden on the State.

When your wife joins you you need to look at the income required for a couple, because generally income and fiscal matters are done per household in France, not per individual.

(The reason you’re probably getting the word “maximum” is that from memory I think it says this is the maximum France is entitled to require. So they cannot say your income is insufficient if you have spot on the amount it says or more than that, but they do have the discretion to accept you if you have a lower income, if they feel there are other factors in your favour.)

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Hi Dominic… not sure if you were meaning me… about referring folk to the Mairie… but if you did… you have obviously not found my post from some time ago…

We had a chap needing to prove Residency… get the Mairie to do you a letter says I. (To all intents and purposes he had been resident for a number of years and it seemed a reasonable suggestion.)

However, I ended up with egg on my face, when the Mairie subsequently discovered he had never declared his Income in France… and was NOT resident… ooops.

I had given him all the info re Declaration when he first arrived…and he had assured me that it was all sorted… but NO… he thought he would be clever…ooops.

Cost him a lot of money when he had to pay capital gains on his house sale…

This sort of situation is why I am wary of suggesting the Mairie when Residency is mentioned. On the other hand, if the person can produce their French Tax Return, is a member of various local Associations or helps at the local school… or is even a local councillor… then, the Mairie can give a resounding reference which might be useful. :hugs:

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Oh well - you tried your best Dominic.

I noted:

Begs the question - do you often get problems on forums ? :wink:

You’re obviously not happy on SFN - to quote your post on FE:

“As you know I’ve dipped my toe in another forum. They’re not the friendliest people in the world so I might have to move my feet somewhere else.”

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Oops!! This is the risk you take if you don’t tell the truth. Especially these days with the authorities sharing information with each other.

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Is that right Tim? Are you sure it’s ‘humour’…to quote your recent post on FE…

“You’ve not come across the worst of bunch yet, I just take the pi** out of them.”


“I see several members have already found new homes or reaquainted themselves with old ones, this is going to provide weeks of fun. :yes:”


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Since when has telling the truth been a crime? Unlike you I enjoy(ed) FE and will miss it once its forum is frozen.

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I am a pi**-taker/wind-up merchant but it is not my intention to offend and I’m sure that if I go too far my posts will be removed. It is in my nature to try and use humour if all else fails but at least I’m honest about it.