RIP Chewbacca

The recent demise of this formidably intelligent and gracious member of the Wookiee race will sadden us all, and serve I hope to draw our attention to the plight of the few surviving members of this gravely endangered minor ethnic community, still beleaguered in the malaria and bilharzia infested swamplands of central Africa.

My great uncle was missioner to this remnant people in the early 20th century, and spoke in awe of their dignity, simple spirituality, wisdom and technical skills. They had developed what he thought must be a basic but powerful system of radio-telephony to communicate with the denizens of their home planet, but was sworn to secrecy by the tribal elders.

Only a few Wookiees survive, being impervious by reason of their thick fur to the mosquito and the fresh water snails that carry bilharzia, but prone to trench foot in the rainy season.

If anyone would like to donate to my memorial fund in Chewbacca’s memory, for the relief of the remaining survivors in darkest Africa please PM me and I will send my bank details for your remittance.

Your sharing of favourite images of this people, their habitat or way of life will be deeply appreciated!

On behalf of the Wookiees of Kashyyyk and here on Earth, Cccxxgrrruuuffftbb!


So… you’re also a Nigerian Prince? :slight_smile: Learned this morning on the way to work that while Peter was the gentle giant who filled the fur, it was another actor who provided that wonderful voice. Cccxxgrrruuuffftbb backatcha!

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Lady Vanderbilt vous êtes très maline but slightly wrong as I am Algerian and my uncle is Lieutenant General in Algerian National Army, we have tried and failed to contact you by a special detachment dedicated to telephoning you many times unsuccessfully to offer you Patron of our Fund for unlucky Wookiees in the Motherland we need to insure special indemnity the priceless regalia we send to you by courier worth 5 000 000 Algerian Dinar, so please agree and remit €8,553 (fully refundable) by return تحيات محترمة من خادمك