RIP David Bowie - A genuine Superstar?

I went to Bromley Tech. as was and Burnt Ash schools, named my eldest son after him and loved him live. DRJ was an inspired and inspirational musician.

More than a singer/pop star -a thinker and creator -challenging and breaking down barriers -can only be good to reduce prejudice in the world.

'He came from East Lonson and moved to kent' well you can take that in any way you like!

That was a short journey!

I watched the ITV news on tv as I cooked and during that hour the focus was on him almost entirely.

Never before have I known such an impact when an artist dies.Bowie has captured the world because he

was unique, fearless and creative.

People will express their feelings about him as they wish.

I am pleased to have met him at Ken Pitts home in W.1 long

ago before he was really known to the world.

At that moment of meeting him I knew that he had a special

journey ahead of him.

What a journey it has been.

Yes indeed, I dread the barbers now. He knows if he lifts the mirror too high after the cutting he doesn't get a tip and I don't need reminding he has less work to do LoL.

We all have our cross to bear....

Jees Peter you must have had a hard life, I could understand if you said you were 7 years older.

He came from East London and moved to Kent?

Are you talking about one specific journey or has Brixton South London moved?

Went to Bromley Tech School a couple of times in the early 70s on the back of rumours he was going to play impromptu gigs (he went to school there) Didn’t happen of course and I never saw him live sadly. Innovator, genius, the list goes on and although I wasn’t really into his music, he will be missed. His legacy? Well he’s been an influence on many…time will tell.

I agree... people aim for perfect but are far from being special, this days.

Love BOWIE , but

cannot stand people just posting pictures and quotes / videos of a person which music they may have barely listened.

Why remember and glorify a person when he is gone and barely mention him when he was alive ? LIVE IN THE NOW... or simply don't pretend to care.

Cheers :)

RIP David (Major Tom hooked me on your genius)

David Bowie did not have a great voice and he was not perfectly handsome.

He came from east London and moved on to Kent.

I met him in West London at the home of Kenn Pitt who was his manager

in those days.

It was easy to conclude that in spite of his imperfections.....he was very special.

Special people rarely seem perfect.

Today the world is a very sad place.

Same here Rachel. He was a big part of my formative years although he was only 7 years older than I.

For me he helped change the 'culture' of the '70s and I see him as being as important on the whole 'scene' as Elvis was in his day or The Beatles and the Stones in the '60s.

Ziggy Stardust remains my favourite album.

I feel so sad like I've lost someone so influential from my growing up years.

Not since Freddie died has there been such a disturbance in the force :/