RIP Norton Motorcycles

Blimey after Nicholas Parsons I thought that you mean Graham there for a second :confused:

But sad all the same.

Clarified the heading…

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Yep seems the marque is doomed again. Yet NVT thrives.

Every time Triumph was in trouble, thousands of enthusiasts decided that they must own one of their last models, with the result that they are still with us today.
Does the Norton brand have the same appeal?

They don’t have the same fans

Most motorcycle companies are in big trouble now days the lack of new riders young people don’t take bike licenses because of the cost of motorcycles and the are not good on petrol too and here in Europe the insurance kills of any new buyers Harley Davidson are in big problem now they have a really hard time now

Norton was considered by many a superior marque to Triumph in the day Mike. A pal of mine had a Norton Dominator with clip on handlebars. It was a beast of a thing.

The Norton has a different following and albeit more expensive than Trumpers and they don’t cater for the bread and butter ride me to work kind of biker. My commando is now 46 years old and still runs. She will be having a rebuild back to her old glory or better this year. Ah the joys.


44000 for a Caferacer someone was living in dream world. What sawed triumph was there off-road bikes that’s is biggest selling type of bikes now from any company bmw can’t even make them fast enough