River Gave - Bridge Jump video

Oh what fun! i may be 60 next birthday but I want I go! Which bridge where???

The most fun you can have with your clothes ON!

That looks like fun Roger!

James - yes - I know it's just down the road, but the chances of me doing that are less than zero! :-) My idea of excitement is www.artfulbodgers.co.uk - next departure Jan 14th!

I didn't know for sure, I made a judgement based upon the information I had.

Jaysus! My heart was pounding looking at that. And that was just the driving part, never mind the jumping off bridge bit! Now I feel old and sedate! :-(

@Bruce same reason I always get the supermarket checkout that runs out of till roll, and/or, is just about to change staff and/or the person in front of me has managed to pick up at least 5 items that wont got come up on the scanner.

How come i always get the slow motorway toll gate?

very nice video well done.

love it! You crazy kids!

Well I think you drive to fast Catharine and as for overtaking the moped on a blind bend.......... what can I say LOL looked like fun

Wow - great video!! great family memory - What courage...

Not for from you Roger, see you in spring?!


crikey!!! hope you wont make us do that when we come to visit!!! ;) xx

Great Video James the only deep water I get into now is with the better half!



Now that's what you call surviving France!!