Road Safety

After last weeks shenanigans

( lorry went past way too fast on a narrow road, pony (Frizz) jumped up a huge bank into a field, Brownie span round in circles as she was soooo scared at the sight of Frizz in the field, the bank was too high to jump down and the road was in the way in any case, so Tilly had to jump up another bank to exit field and then scoot across someone’s lawn before they noticed to get back to the road…Brownie continued to spin round in circles…)

I thought I might invest in some " please slow down for horses" vests. Has anyone found them in French or am I going to have to make my own and add the words " or else you a***holes" ??

some drivers do it on purpose!!! and they laugh while you’re trying to calm your horse down!!! But once, I was riding a very “cold” horse, wouldn’t move the tip of his ear even for a nuclear explosion!!! well the truck driver was very disappointed to see that my horse didn’t move an inch!

Will have to ask Daisy…!

What exactly is a**holes in French??!!!