Road Trip in Central France

If we can get a break from hope to take a ‘clockwise’ trip circling the Massif Central early this September.

Our somewhat vague itinerary at the moment seems to be Bourges- St-Etienne (Modern Art Museum) – Le Puy en Velay – Millau (of bridge fame) - Figeac – Gourdon in the Lot ( and if our livers still work after a couple of evenings with some London buddies) North Limoges/ Gueret way to end back home in Bourges.

Can any of you luverly SFN people suggest some hidden gems – b&b’s (especially ), eateries, places to visit away from the maddening crowds, etc – near or on our vaguely intended route?

Though my lady is French these are not her areas thus any (polite) suggestions most welcome.

Merci in anticipation, John

If you’re in this direction (Eymoutiers/Lac de Vassivière, to the east of Limoges) we serve excellent food at our table d’hôtes


La Chouette B&B

Marcillac wine isn’t bad either but you have to pay for a descent bottle. as for the gorges du tarn/gorges de la jonte… yes I know there’s only a tiny bit in the Aveyron, 100% aveyronnais = gorges de la dourbie which is superb too. In fact there’s so much to see just in the aveyron that I hesitated even replying to the question!

The local Millau wine isn’t half bad either! Congrats on the translation Andrew. You’re going to start a civil war with Lozère if you try to half inch the Gorges du Tarn for Aveyron! :-))

A nice way to see the Viaduc and the Tarn at the same time is to take a flat-bottomed boat from Creissels and float under the bridge up to the troglodytic village of Peyre.

Hi John

Can’t personally recommend any chambres d’hôtes but there are loads of things to see in the Aveyron. Close to Millau you’ve got the Gorges du Tarn, gorges de la jonte plus the various plus beaux villages de France. On your way up to Figeac you’ll pass not too far from Conques (UNESCO world heritage site) and the vallée du Lot with a host of other plus beaux villages de France… loads of info on the local web site and everything’s in English too even the hotels, campsites, gîtes, chambres d’hôtes etc. (spent the last 9 months translating it!) Even in July and August it doesn’t get too busy here :wink: