Rocket Mass Heater

Here is an interesting project for DIY / Self sufficiency enthusiasts - rocket stove mass heater
Has anyone built or seen one of these?
This idea seems to have found favor with US and Canadian backwoods types and could appeal to someone restoring an old house.
The big advantage seems to be that, by burning almost all the calorific content of the fuel and storing almost all the heat produced before exhausting what is claimed to be little more than cool CO2 and water vapor, it is extremely efficient and environmentally friendly.
The disadvantages are that you can’t just buy it, but have to build it yourself, so there is nobody to blame if something goes wrong and it might look a bit out of place if you want a smart modern looking home.
Wish I had known about this 18 years ago when I took over a part completed restoration project. Too old now. Hey-ho… :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:


I think Janette built one and found it very effecient.
I did not realise this was such a popular option, especially in the less populated areas.

Basically its a wood fired storage heater.

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Actually it’s better than that, because it radiates a lot of heat from the barrel almost instantly when it is first fired up.
The idea was a development of the original Rocket Stove. That is designed to heat rapidly for a short while, so you could quickly make a fry-up and coffee before going off hunting, fishing, or whatever. It is also a lot safer for the environment than an open fire.

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