Rogue Builders

Dob the bastard in. The damage he has done to you will be measured against that he has done to others ,not least the state; France has a fine old tradition of denunciation since the "lettres de cachet" of the 18th century until les corbeaux of the 1940's.

The trouble with that proposition is that a few of these cowboys probably know that people turning them in will get it in the neck too and bank on them knowing that. There are certainly a couple hereabouts who have been 'discussed' here on SFN without naming and shaming or turning in. One most definitely still advertises his services (as doing something else but then picks up other work along the way) who seems to have left a trail of devastation. Another network still carries his advertisements, does not put up threads like yours on their site and certainly no critical comments about the work or people, but somehow that set up seems to evade being jumped on by the authorities. It makes me wonder whether they can be bothered and simply let it happen. Catching and prosecuting them ups the work ante, which functionaries seem to prefer to avoid.

He has no address in UK. And has no insurance... I would just love to report him to whomsoever in order that he can’t cheat anyone else......

Thanks again......

If he has no credentials, is not paying tax and has no insurance cover, then he is outside of the law in France.
The first two he can probably get round on a technicality if he is operating in from a British address. The third, insurance, he must have in order to build and to give the requisite guarantees in this country.

Can you expand on that Nick? He has no credentials.....

However, if the builder doesn’t have proper credentials, there is no ‘snitching’ involved, he is already outside if the law in proposing his services.
If that helps.

Thank you Nick. That is helpful. One learns.... :(

It sort of works two ways.
Him being in the building trade he is deemed to be ‘knowledgeable’ or ‘knowing’.
You, as the client are deemed to be ‘non-sachant’ or literally non savvy in building affairs.
However, Simon is correct in that if you employ someone in France, you are responsible for validating their credentials, unless of course, you discharge that responsibility by employing someone else to advise you, like a project manager or architect.

Hope this helps

Thanks Brian. I will learn from experience!

Brit. Thanks again Simon. I guess I’ll put it down to experience and just make sure everyone knows about him. Cheers. Liz

I know lots of people don't like doing it, but always get a devis with clear details such as the siret and any other trade registration required, then look them up to make sure they are real. It is not, we have been warned that 'cowboys' use somebody else's numbers, ensure that phone numbers given are real by calling and make sure you have a reason for calling so that when it is a real artisan you cover your real intent. All paperwork needs to be in order too or you get it in the neck.

personally i would just let it go, and learn from your error, was he french or a brit.

might be an idea if you let other locals know there is a non registered builder operating in the area.

if you payed him up front you should have only paid for the materials only and got the receipt from him direct.

Hi Simon. Thanks for the reply. Yes, he was employed by me. I did not realise when I employed him that he was “on the black”. It’s only when he started showing his true colours that I questioned it and found out the truth, so let him go immediately, but he’s falsified his final invoice to me making it look like I owe him money whereas in truth he owes me from some money that was paid upfront. I guess I’ll have to take it on the chin unless you or anyone else can suggest anything?

was he employed by you. or are you snitching on him for somebody else, because you better be careful as if the police catch on they will be coming knocking on your door and asking why you employed him with out the correct checks being done, ignorance is not an excuse and you could find your self in very deep water with court appearances and relevant costs.