Rolling out the jabs - doncha hate the jargon?

Let’s pile up our most odious, unfavourite and stalest pieces of linguistic junk and dross, so beloved of the mass media, and have a jolly jeering bonfire.

Here’s some arid kindling of my own which, including ‘rolling out’ and ‘jabs’, must be incinerated: ‘sunlit uplands’ and ‘light (at the end of the tunnel)’ . And “no silver bullet” FFS!

Also “thank you very much indeed” and “thank you for having me” - an egregiously smarmy and simpering TV interview signing-off couplet that has become lazily de rigeur, and makes me want to strangle the perpetrators with a smile on my face… :grinning::hugs::slight_smile:

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PS I have taken a powder and feel as cool and collected as a crème brûlé, so no advice along those lines will be needed… :hugs:


I’m half surprised, hearing that quarantine restrictions are to be lifted for “High value businessmen” returning to the UK that they aren’t simply rolling out the vaccine in order of bank balance.

It must be really difficult for all those billionaires - caught between wanting the vaccine first and wanting it tested on the proletariat to make sure it’s safe.


I hate the word “jab” as if it’s some innocuous saline solution which incidentally should have been used as a control rather than a meningitis “jab”…

I also don’t like “behavioural scientists” some sort of quasi jargonistic pseudo subset of “experts” tasked with convincing a right to be wary ethnically and culturally diverse population to take an experimental vaccine…

Although I love metaphors and metaphorical talking I’m not at all liking van tam’s latest utterings either…!

Ok rant over for now :grinning:

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I must admit that I have always associated the word ‘jab’ more with Boxing than Medicine.


Always used to amuse me that when taking blood the phlebotomist would when inserting the cannula say “just a little scratch”. Presumably seeking to avoid a little prick.

That’s no cannula, that’s a Becton Dickinson Vacutainer :slightly_smiling_face:

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And away from health problems and for those who watch The Chase on the telly, Bradley Walsh’s all too often repeated crumb of comfort to the latest totally clueless numpty ‘don’t worry, I know you’re a better player than that’. :laughing: :laughing:

‘SHUT UP!’ I scream at the screen, ‘no (s)he isn’t, whatever persuaded him/her to come on a quizz programme for goodness sake?’ :rage: :rage:

Other platitudes are available and, presumably, contractual. Otherwise why on earth would a bloke like him not realise how dumb it makes him sound. :roll_eyes:

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Surely David you realise the producers go out and deliberately seek people like that so that you will shout at the TV. So far as they are concerned, job done! :grin:

Most idiotic answer on Pointless ever:

Question on US Presidents who were assassinated: Who was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas?

Answer: JR. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Talking of “jabs” I’m intrigued by my experience from my days in Brazil.
We had some kind of outbreak - cholera I think - and the population was vaccinated - not sure if it was voluntary, maybe it was.
Anyway, we duly received our instruction on a card through the post a bit like a voting card. Go to such and such church. Everyone queuing on the steps. At the top, in front of the church doors men and women in white coats with large metal containers alongside, bit like airplane trolleys. Something like a small petrol pump out the side. with a nozzle on the end. No need to roll up your sleeve. Nozzle placed against your upper arm and vaccine shot (presumably by air pressure) through blouse/shirt material and into skin. That’s the way to vaccinate a population in a hurry!

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My vote is for Phillip Green (Greed) to be jabbed first … see what it does to thieving little crooks :wink:

A placebo perhaps and at the same time strip him of his knighthood and British passport

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So yet another thread goes of on a tangent,I don’t mind thread drift and mostly agree with what is being said,but there are lots of threads running already for these discussions

As most threads end up going in circles ,look at any of the carte de sejour threads, does it really matter?


Thanks for that.

It’s a truism that life itself is a circle, so it could be said that these threads are representative of life itself, so what’s not to like? What goes around comes around anyway, just wait and see :hugs:

Thank you for having me should be said to their mothers.

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I think there are two types of thread Eddie. One type is informative and we should all try to be as accurate as we can - theres a wealth of info on here from that sort of thread. Then there are chatty threads with opinions not facts and they can go anywhere. The trick is not to confuse the two :slightly_smiling_face:


Or as the Actress said to the Bishop.

I don’t mind thread drift at all ,it’s the fact they always drift back to the same things