Rolling Stones 60th Anniversary Tour 2022

will any of you be lucky enough to be going ???

I will, hĂ´tel already booked.

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While I would like to see them, I have seen too many artists now in concert in their twilight years and always been disappointed, I would prefer to remember them as they were, Meatloaf and Rod Stewart spring to mind :confused:


It’s possibly a side-benefit of the covid restrictions of the past two years… but I’ve come to terms with the fact that I do have wrinkles… can’t hide 'em and that’s that… I’m still me (and 35 in my head).

Thus, I wouldn’t mind seeing someone from my youth… who is now wrinkly too… and hearing that music… and getting my feet tapping… wow… bring on the memories of yesteryear… yes please !!!

EDIT: I’d like the chance to tug MickJagger’s hair… his Dad reckoned he’d be bald before he was 40… :rofl: :roll_eyes: but it looks quite real to me…

You’ve committed a cardinal sin there @Griffin36. Nothing, at all, used to enrage Mr Loaf more than not appreciating that he had two names, his first was Meat, his surname was Loaf. I didn’t have regular interactions with him but only time I ever saw him get really grumpy was when a venue spelt it Meatloaf on absolutely everything, every poster, every piece of paperwork, every backstage notice. He was not pleased. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

He actually had three, Michael Lee Aday :smiley:

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That makes five in total then. :rofl:

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Did he have friends called Ham Burger and Hot Dog?


Tickets purchased this morning. :joy:

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Tickets now in hand, hĂ´tel booked as is a table for two at the Auberge du Pont de Collonges for dinner. Something similar planned for Paris four days later and then Stockholm at the end of the month.

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I agree with you on this one. We saw the Rolling Stones in Hampden Park Glasgow - 25/08/06 and you only have to read the reviews to understand that they were not up to their best. Bill Heaney (paid £100 for his ticket) said “I was very very disappointed with the show at Hampden mainly because of the poor sound quality, it was atrocious!” and Mark Wilson (paid £90 for his ticket) said " Sound was so muddy, where we were sitting, that we could hardly hear the guitars".

Today, 16 years later, things are hardly likely to have improved bearing in mind that Mick Jagger is 78.

Oh dear… such a shame that things didn’t come up to spec… mind you, Mick Jagger can hardly be blamed for bad sound systems.
Whoever was in charge of the technical side, has hopefully been taught how to do things properly…

I’d be quite happy to hear Mick Jagger et al… but I don’t have the money for a ticket…
so I’ll settle for catching-up via YouTube at some stage.

Indeed. If sound in a venue is poor, the last people to blame is usually the band unless they’re doing their own sound and mixing from the stage.

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