Ron does Europe

Short compilation of photos of France Germany Holland

Senks Brihelm. Did you pick up on the 'red theme'? Thinking of trying green next time.

@ Johnny Summerton

It's all a big cheat Johnny, I happened to have iphoto on this traveling MacBook, with me. It is one of many Apps and devices, that will flow your pics into 'pre-made templates', some online suppliers will charge for a printed version, but the 'sequence' is free. SFN allows you to put your own pics into your library, and you can get the code for the 'slideshows' to embed elsewhere. Hoping it's ok to mention that?

Achtung, achtung! Birks zuvor, Bratwurst fertig und GO Man GO! Nice work Ron.

@ Johnny Summerton

what, travel the world and meet interesting people?

mainly German

hmmm seems very low res at screen size… I’ll have to look into that