Ronciers-blackberry bushes

We have some large ronciers (blackberry bushes or brambles) on one of our fields. A couple of years ago a neighbour planted some fruit canes at the end of his garden and asked if we would cut down the ronciers on our land. We told him we had more pressing concerns for our gardener to deal with.
Now the roncier is starting to creep through the thin chain link fence and he is asking again. What is French custom/law about these matters? I know in England if your plants or trees overhang the next door neighbour’s garden, the neighbour can cut them back and give the cuttings back.
Thanks for some advice

Deal with your weeds and don’t fall out with your neighbour, is my advice.


I would second that. Isn’t it just common courtesy to keep your weeds from going into a neighbours property? Why upset your neighbour when it’s so easy to just get rid of these, especially as you have a gardener and wouldn’t even have to do it yourself. You never know when you might need a friendly neighbour.
Izzy x

Admin, would you please delete this post or block further comments. I got the necessary factual responses from another site but also numerous ones giving opinions on what I should be doing morally vis a vis my neoghbours, advice which I have no need to seek. There could be a danger this happens here. Thanks

According to French law the neighbour can have you summonsed by the commune and obliged to clear your land/have it cleared at your expense because it represents a fire or other hazard.


Yes that is what I learned elsewhere amongst 20x as many comments about why I should be a good neighbour, how I can be a good neighbour, why I should not cut them back because of birds and bees etc etc
Please delete post or block further comments.


On this occasion I will delete the post but quite honestly, if you don’t want input, don’t post online.


You asked the question - what did you expect?