Roofer looking for work in France

Roofer looking for work with or for English people in France

In any particular area/department.

And do you have a siret number and insurance?


I do leadwork,flatroofs,pitched roofs,tiling all work has been carried out by myself

I have English insurance yes,but for me to work in France etc I need to know the ins and outs of the legal matters,so many thanks for your input

Do you want to be indépendant ?
Or salaried ?
Do you speak French ?
Are you actually in France ?

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I think you will need to have your qualifications recognized Officially here in France…
if you wish to work as a Roofer (or anything else…)… and then you’ll have to get into the Work System

but others will chime in

Just seen this link… which might/might not be helpful

Perhaps you know all this, but just in case you don’t:

To work in France you need to have the legal right to do so. If you moved here before 2021 then you should already have a resident’s permit that allows you to work. After that date you need to have applied for a visa that is a “working” visa. As a self-employed person these are not easy to get as require you to provide a full business plan with your application.

Also to work in France you need to have a registered business and the right qualifications/experience for the work you do. Since 2021 there is no automatic recognition of qualifications so you have to apply for this as well.

And of course proper insurance that covers your work for a minimum period of 10 years.

Labour laws in France are strict, and anyone found to be employing illegal foreign labour will face heavy fines. And if that person happens also to be foreign they risk having their resident’s rights withdrawn. Of course many people do ignore all this, and get away with it. But other’s don’t!


I havesaid this before with the lack of skilled people to get a job working for an entreprise speaking french is not a requirement. Most companys will give you a trial. If you can read a plan you are half way there. B efore the usual poopooing starts, the company I work for does this all the time there are plenty of turks ,bulgarians, romanians, poles some irish working in construction.

@roofer it would be useful if you could at least tell us if you are Resident in France ???

Then we can tailor advice to suit your situation…

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Bulgarians, Romanians, Poles and Irish all have the automatic right to work in the EU because they are EU citizens.
The issue is not being a foreigner, or necessarily speaking French. It’s having the right to work in France.

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If you are any good you’ll get a job .
Why do brits always put massive obstacles in theway

There are a lot of turks in the construction industry as well as senagalise congolise so your they have to be in the EU isn’t true

And all of those nationalities require some kind of visa that allows them to seek work and be legitimately employed. The Senegalese and Congolese are often allowed entry into France through family ties with members of their family that are already here, or else they have some other claim to enter France and should have a visa in order to seek work. Unless of course, their employer, and employment status, isn’t in line with the applicable regulations, which, sad to say, in the building industry can still quite often be the case. By the same token, many Turks are here through family ties from previous immigration cycles.

small point in chewing this over, back and forth… since we know nothing about the Original Poster @roofer on which to base our replies…

lunchtime beckons… much more interesting.

I give in you all know best

Flocreen you are so right about the demand for trades in France. Jane has given food for thought as the nationalities you mentioned as here are all EU.

What location in France is able to be considered? Although Covid has made this difficult according to my other half it’s best to get things done in person as much as possible. If it can be afforded perhaps a personal visit to building firms in a particular area? Who knows this might sound a bit odd but perhaps there is something like a seasonal labour scheme with fewer restrictions, to get a start or even, technically, a training or skills ‘development’ scheme that might enable the OP to get started.

It’s not putting massive obstacles in the way, but providing a reality check so people don’t embark on a dream they can’t realise, or end up in trouble with authorities. To work here you need the right to do so. Whether or not you speak French is another issue.

I live in an area when the main immigrant population is Turks (from different backgrounds). They are in general families who were encouraged to come to France in the mid 60’s under a labour scheme as workers were needed. So they (nearly) all have full rights to live and work here - possibly some visiting “cousins” from time to time :wink: . Same with other nationalities - being a non-EU immigrant doesn’t mean these people aren’t legal, and they too had to jump through hoops to get their rights. No company would take on an employee without the legal right to work here….that would be totally stupid.

That is a very good question Floscreen.
Pre Brexit there was this wonderful arrangement where workers from any country in the EU, including the UK, could go to anywhere in the EU where workers were needed, including the UK.
Then Brits put this massive obstacle called Brexit in the way.
Now if you follow UK news at all you will know that the UK is short of truck drivers, hospital workers, turkey pluckers, farm workers etc. There are plenty of workers in the EU who are good at these jobs but they can’t work in the UK.
It is the same in both directions. Because of Brexit ending free movement of labour.
The UK has actually made special arrangements to allow EU workers to bail it out but EU countries aren’t likely to do that because they have a pool of workers from all over the EU, why do they need Brits. And if France wanted foreign labour it would probably offer the jobs to former French colonies first.

Good afternoon all and happy new year,I don’t speak French,as yet,I currently work in Yorkshire,for myself and was looking at different options.many thanks

Could you find a giant international firm that has contracts in France and come in under their auspices? I suspect roofers are still an in-demand occupation and that the availability of EU skilled tradesmen is still not enough.