Roofing treatment

(Ken Ball) #1

Does anyone have experience of, or advice or recommendations about, a roofing treatment for terracotta-tiles roofs called Techniroc? I understand it to be a cleaning and waterproofing treatment for potentially porous tiles. Any ideas how long a treatment is good for and, importantly, how much the treatment of a 120m2 roof might be?

(Brian Milne) #2

Quite right John. When we can afford our much needed roof work done, we have decided to go for synthetic tiles. Some of all that waste we carefully recycle ground down and reworked with a predicted 80 life cannot be bad - albeit I would certainly see very little of that life. Tile treatments have been around quite a long time. My father's roofer used to do that on the side but my parents' house was retiled rather treated which makes me think that if a builder won't bother then perhaps there is good reason not to. I never asked, so don't know but when it came to their house my old man always went in for a) the most durable work and b) the most economic work long term. What I do remember is that he also refused to have anything to do with reclaimed tiles because once they had been up there is considerable different between where they are overlaid and exposed and that because not even two mechanical tiles are absolutely identical and flaws not always evident, the recycled ones tended to have a short life.

(John Withall) #3

Part of me says replace any porous old tiles with new, All tiles are potentially porous and generally a sticking plaster solution out of a bottle is just an easy way for someone to make a good living from doing bog all. In the UK my elderly Mother was approached by a company and they eventually gave the knock down offer of just over £6500 which is about the cost of the new tiles.

I have seen the treatment carried out over 7 years ago and it was still pretty good looking last time i looked which was at least 3 years ago but I will take a look next time I am down that way (December 1)

It's a shame that with sending men to the moon and so many wonderful bit's of technology later that roof tiles haven't evolved much. Thankfully there are plastic ones coming through these days as the green folk tell us how long plastic takes to break down and it's a lot longer than the average tile will last.