Roofs (or to be specific, Roofers)! & advice for taking paint into UK

The first subject, roofers, is proving to be a problem! We have tried, unsuccessfully, to get a French roofer (have written, in French, to at least 4 in our area now) to come and do a couple of repair jobs to our main house roof, and to make the barn roof safe and secure for the time being as old lauze tiles covering one part of the roof are causing a problem, and we don't intend to renovate that for a couple of years.We have received zilch back, despite our regular (French) builder/electrician trying to arrange meetings as well!!

Are there any known roofers in our area (19, south of Limoges/Brive) that anyone knows of that will help. Will now use English roofers, although we are trying to keep all our work with the French!!!

I have a modicum of French that does get me by, so language is not a problem!!!

If you can help, or know of anyone, can you please let me know? Thank you :)

The second subject is an odd one. Stupidly (OH to blame as he helped pack this lot), a nearly empty can of paint got brought over when we brought our initial batch over and has now surfaced! This is needed in the UK to touch up the paint in the bathroom (now discontinued) and wondered if anyone knew of the regs for taking back this type by air (I'm returning to the UK for a short stay). I have googled the VOC (15 g/l) but baffling is probably the politest word I'd use. I'm aware that the limit for taking onboard is 100ml (in that size container) and it has to be non-flammable. The name of the paint is Homebase's Sanctuary, a matt....

I can transfer what I need into a suitable container, but would hate to have it confiscated, especially as we cannot get anymore...

Again, if anyone can help, would appreciate it!!!

Thank you so much, Steve! I'll email him immediately to find out his availability.....

Dear Carol,

Please find the details of Chris Callan who is a bit South of your area but I have spoken to him and his does come up as far as you.

CONTACT for ROOFING 05 65 53 02 85. Chris.
> All aspects of Roofwork carried out specialising in Quercynoise and Averyonais styles.
> Lead work and Zinc work undertaken

Hope you find this helpful.


Helas this is often the way. I got my house done by French roofers = guarantee but my barn (creche) done by Brits (but with French registration)= no guarantees that are really worth anything. Both had to be done in slate as we are in the National Park. Creche looks fine though and no leaks!

We found that the quote from a French roofer was over double the price of a British builder!

The paint is discontinued David, although I have written to Homebase and am awaiting a reply....

I only need flashing replacing so as per my other reply, here's hoping the Maire comes up trumps!! Quite prepared to take the risk, believe me! Better than me trying to clamber up on the roof, which is when the Maire said he'd have a word, ha ha......

Fingers crossed, I've just had a word with our Maire, and he is going to personally have a word with a roofer in the next town and try and persuade him to come and do the job, but not until I get back in early October... off in a minute to lay some extra plastic down with towels to soak up any drips whilst I'm away.....

I think the previous posts sum the French roofer situation well, they have so much work on their books repairs are just not worth it to them. My roofer was due to put my roof on in the first week in June, he started last Monday! As for your paint problem have you considered sending it by courier.

I suggest you make a copy of the reference number on the can and actually paint a small card with the colour so you can get it sorted in the UK. Going through the airport will be fine as it's no longer a liquid.

On roofers we are in Brittany but our neighbour just had his roof patched by a french roofer no problem and in fact though French he was going to use a British roofer who did a no show so he used a French one instead! You will not get a guarantee with roof patching quite obviously and maybe you should tell the French roofers you are not looking for one. It's you that must take some risk.

Thank you, Peter... I had the feeling that the water/white spirit thing could be the key! As for the transportation of said paint, thank you for your advice! Unfortunately, flying by Ryanair, so hand luggage only. Will decide tomorrow... It does say on the TSA website that 100ml or less can be taken as hand luggage, so a very secure toiletry non-transparent bottle may suffice, maybe........

Carol, A simple rule for seeing if your paint is flammable is based on what you use to clean the paint-brush. If you can wash it in water, the paint won't be flammable. Any paint which requires white spirit or similar for cleaning is flammable and mustn't be taken onto an aircraft either as cabin baggage or in the hold.

If your paint is water-based, unless you really only need less than 100ml, there is a way to safely take liquids in your suitcase. There's a lot of careful packing needed, but it really seems to work. You'll need to find a secure container that's about the same size as the amount of paint you want to take. The container can be metal, strong plastic, or glass but needs a leak-proof, screw-on top, and should be clean & dry. Fill it with the paint so that there's only a small air-space at the top and screw the top on. You now need a strong carton that's bigger than the container so that you can wrap the container in plenty of bubble wrap and put it in the carton in such a way that it can't move. (I'd seal the container inside a strong plastic bag first.) Ideal cartons are like those used for posting wine, or shipping champagne. It doesn't really matter if the carton is quite a lot bigger than needed - you can put other bottles, such as toiletries, in there as well, just so as the whole lot can't move within the carton. Seal the carton with packaging tape and put it in a hard-sided suitcase (borrow one if necessary) with your clothes, toiletries and so on, preferably packed so that the carton can't move about, using more bubble wrap if needed. A foam (Dunlopillo) pillow really helps as well, as it will absorb a lot of the shocks to which the suitcase will be subjected.

Using the strong carton inside a hard-sided suitcase method, I've taken liquids on many long and complicated journeys by air, including a round-the-world trip. Never once have any of the bottles broken or leaked, and many of them were champagne.

I don't think you have a cat in hells chance of getting the paint through airport security. 100 ml is in any case a tiny quantity barely worth getting the paint brush dirty. Best bet is a friendly neighbour going back by road or rail.

Thanks for the replies...

@Steve & Keith: Ah, that probably answers why they're not interested in our work, as well as the fact that I'm English?

Our builder guy has said he will put a cover over the barn as a temp measure, but the house roof only needs the flashing replaced between the tower (no, it's not a chateau, just a petit addition) and the main roof which were both replaced by ardoise tiles from lauze at the same time. Zinc flashing we believe, which has been eaten by the acidic rain... certainly no need to replace the whole roof, although we also intend installing some rooflights within the next year or so (one needs replacing asap as it's leaking dreadfully, although a strategically placed muck bucket and a couple of cloths on top of a plastic liner seem to catch most of it)... Hopefully someone will know of someone who can help (fingers crossed). Although I've repaired some of the guttering myself, climbing up there is a little beyond me!!! And until the repair is done, I can't get the room below renovated......

@Dan: With regard to the paint, I've checked the regs as per TSA Carry-on rules 2013, and 100ml can be taken as hand luggage provided it's non-flammable. I'm really trying to find out whether the 100ml of paint I have is non-flammable?


Unfortunately cant help you with the roofer bit, But i can give our own personnel experience on distribution of paint.

Unless you are going to have it packaged in accordance with airfreight regs and then send via airfreight (not passenger plane) then they will not allow it on the flight,

We send lots of paint all over the globe (by airfreight), and to get it packed for hazchem / fire regs is not cheap. I would suggest find a courier/ transport co who has some room and get it accross to the UK and if they have a UK base then aske them to parcel force it on to end destination.

The rules and regs from Air freight to road freight really differ and if this paint is no longer i would have a ladbrooks bet it WILL be confiscated at the airport.

hope that help a little.


Re the roof issue - i have found that here in dept 47 there is so much work that the roofers can be selective and the last one i had looking at my barn wasnt at all interested in a patch up job but would be willing to do a new roof.

I kind of understand as the work is dirty / tiring etc and they tend to use machinery so why bother with a small job if there are full roofs to do ....

so i still have a leaky barn !

Nb you could advertise / ask on Angloinfo ?