ROUEN A28 Still Shut?

Ruined in Rouen.

Anybody have any updates on the bridge closure at Rouen, 'pont Maltide'

Its been closed years now, and at first had deviation signs etc, now these have all been removed.

But then the locals know where they are going!

The other half travels through around Rouen every 2 weeks or so, "Rouen is still a mess and I feel sorry for unsuspecting travellers on the A28"

Mountain out of a mole hill, so it's shut when it's open it won't change Rouen, it'll still be a mess traffic wise at peak times but otherwise it's fine just use the next bridge along after the one way one and continue as if nothing had happened. Or as I have done via le Pont D'larche which is a much prettier route anyway. Probably won't use the Mathilde bridge again when it is open.