Rouen bridge open again

Great relief for those of us living in the SW.

The Pont Mathilde in Rouen reopened on 28th August.

John, luckily my travel times (and destination) have changed over the last year or so i don't need to use that bridge. I usually poddle along to Dieppe in the early hours. So much easier. Yes, boring to take the same route evry time!

Keith, I was really referring to the mental issue it conjures up in peoples minds. Physically as you state at peak times the roads are already congested so when the bridge was closed traffic took the next available bridge and joined in with the congestion again, slower but not the crypton factor. I have enjoyed and still am alternative routes and doubt I will ever trouble mathilde again.

To answer John Withall's question, "why the closure of just one bridge seems to cause so much issue", simply, it sends thousands of vehicles onto already congested roads. The bridge in question is one of three (or is it four) main crossings over the Seine in Rouen. Traffic is generally heavy during waking hours. That traffic has to go another way.

Go at night!! Traffic is much reduced and you can pootle through with no hold-ups.

I still fail to understand why the closure of just one bridge seems to cause so much issue?

Not before time! I think I'll still avoid driving through Rouen. Perhaps the solution is to stay overnight in that historic city.