Route around Paris

Took my wife and children to CDG airport last week as they fly to Thailand to visit family. Absolute nightmare via the (outer) periphique…going and return…took 9 hours and 8 hours…on the return journey I did 40km in almost two hours!!
End of August I go again to collect them(!). Question - anyone has an alternative route (from say Limoges)…what is the N104 outer ring road like? Is is relatively free flowing?

First question. Was it Fri or Sat of last week as those are the worst days of the year.

Did you go via Orleans rather than Melun? I would use Melun myself.

N104 is OK but still gets very busy particularly in holiday periods it used to be my preferred route to CDG but regretably these days there isn’t much difference between the N104 and going straight through Paris

Stick them on a train and pick them up somewhere convenient and south of Paris like Tours etc.


Arriving at 07:30 from Bangkok, my wife would not welcome a train journey with luggage and two sons aged 10 and 4…!!
My journeys last week were Tuesday and Thursday…
Went via Orleans…will look where Melun is,…!

I’d just put the address in Waze and follow that. It has such a large user base and it knows the average speed everyone is driving at, so will detect traffic jams as they happen.

Every time I’ve thought I know better than Waze and ignored it, I’ve been proved wrong.


Another view for Waze. It’s yet to let me down…


I did find Waze very interactive when driving around - so many questions, is speed camera still there? are roadworks still there? etc - i suppose it is the only way for it to remain up to date

Up the A20 follow the A71 onto the A10 >A6B>A86 > A3 onto the A1. The A1 drops you on the doorstep or CDG. I do the route twice a week and on a good day it takes me 5 hrs 40 min and that is without exceeding the speed limits.

That is the route I have taken for over 20 years…so I know the route well, but after an absence of a few years the drive last week was horrendous…maybe I just hit some off days…
btw I don;t use Satnav…personally I think it is too distractive…

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I agree. I managed to turn off the audio for those requests so just ignore them.

The last thing one needs is to be confirming the existence of a police checkpoint on the phone and be spotted in the act. Instant fine and points!

Yep know it well. The thing is the traffic up in and around paris can change so quick from 1 hour to the next.

Just an update…did the same journey end of August, decided to take the N104 route to CDG airport - terrible road with many changes in direction…didn’t like it at all. On the return journey I decided to take my normal route on the outer periphique…but somehow missed the junction and ended up on the inner periphique.(which I had never driven on before)…speed limit 50km/hr most of the route but traffic was moving steadily…and surprise…it took
about an hour from CDG to Orly airport, which I consider is through Paris.i