Route planning

I have been trying to plan a first time route from Angouleme to Cherbourg, but the times vary vastly between sites! Does anybody take this route/have a tried and tested version?

by what margin do the sites differ?
Personally, I’d take a mean average between them. The reality may well be something different anyway as traffic on the day will impact on your journey… :thinking:
So, if planning to catch a ferry take the longest time and add a further margin for safety and don’t forget to factor in a break every 2 hours…


I just had a look on Via Michelin and both the shortest route and the quickest route look pretty straightforward. It’s easy to understand the different distances given because, although faster, the quicker route follows the autoroute system which goes a longer way around.

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What are your priorities - time, journey distance, avoiding tolls?

I’ve done it or similar a couple of times - Google suggests N10 to Poitiers, picking up A10 north to Tours, then A28 through Le Mans, and up as far as Sées, A58/N158 to Caen then N13 to Cherbourg - seems sensible unless you want to avoid tolls in which case going via Nantes and Rennes would be the best option.

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Google is showing the quickest times and mappy/michelin the longer.
I think taking the toll route outward (don’t want to miss the ferry) and take the pretty route home.
I do tend to get anxious on any new route :worried: I know the route to Sees so only a small challenge :thinking:
Thanks to all.

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It’s a good idea to also look at the Bison Futé website

It tells you in realtime where there are hold ups and also what days / routes are likely to have congestion during peak holiday times.

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As a lorry driver who has been on that route loads of times I agree with Paul. A28 to Sees then the N13.


Journey was plain sailing, thanks to all.

but what were the roads like :ship:
Were they flooded?

No flooding on Wednesday :pray:

perhaps I was just too subtle…
plain sailing… road flooded…
I thought the boat icon might have provided a clue :thinking:

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:roll_eyes: :wink: not thinking, just relieved to be back online!

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