Row over how loud bells toll

I really really hope these idiots don’t win. The bells were ringing long before they bought their holiday home.


Previous post about the same issue for a bit of light reading.

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Thanks Mandy, it makes a change from Brexit :rofl:

It’s incredible how some people move, their choice, to another country and then set about complaining and trying to change things. If they don’t like it the answer is easy, sell up and take their narrow minded ways with them !


We live opposite a church - you get used to the noise of the bells very quickly and we no longer even notice them.


Reminds me of that famous line …said with appropriate accent of course :wink:

“The bells made me deaf you know”


I found this. He is French and the house he bought is right next to the church.

He really is an idiot!

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People move to the country but don’t want church bells, cockerels , dogs etc. One of my favourite things on holiday is lying in bed and listening to the 7am church bells if the wind blowing in the right direction. They ring at 10 past 7 but hey it’s the Auvergne


I even miss the bells in my village. :slightly_frowning_face:

I think, as someone else observed in another thread, that the French countryside is a working environment so the city dwellers who come out and want to alter things just to suit their (weekend) tastes are likely to get short shrift.

As far as I’m concerned buying a holiday home, then complaining about the proximity to the church and the loudness of the bells is failure of due diligence.

The other story was about some renters - and there I have a bit more sympathy if these facts were not pointed out in the brochure or listing.


People like that get on my nerves so bad. I used to live in a town where if the wind was right you’d get a whiff of the cows strolling the fields 500 meters away, and there have been case upon case of people who moved there and wanted to force the farmer to keep his cows indoor, or at least move them to another pasture so they wouldn’t smell anything.

It’s like, hello… you’re in the countryside, shit (quite literally) happens, deal with it.

Besides, church bells are nice. I live less than 100 meters away from the church here, and when you first hear it it’s pretty loud but you get used to it. Beats the call to prayer 5 times a day in Indonesia where every mosque and musholla with a set of speakers tries to out-volume eachother (such a shame because if done right, call to prayer is quite nice and soothing).

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Ha ha… this has made me chuckle… I hope the bells are allowed to ring out, loud and clear…

Our house is directly opposite the church (a few yards). Certainly, we have had double glazing put it… part of renovation, but even when the windows are open… we manage to sleep right through… we are immune not deaf.

Apart from chiming the hour every hour (twice)…between 7H and 22H, we used to have 179 chimes at 7am, midday and 7pm… until one of the bells was found to be damaged/dangerous or whatever…

Now we only have 2 bells…so the glorious clamour is somewhat reduced.

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years ago we stayed in Alet les Baines for the first time, the caravan site is situated against the abbey walls, wow when the bells tolled the first morning, 2 minutes to 07:00, we woke with a start, 3 days later after a long day and evening previously we slept through until 08:30, and by the time we left 10 days later had to listen to make sure that the bells were still working.
I deplore not just those who seek to change the whole world to their narrow vision, but mainly to the courts in Britain and elsewhere who bow down to these demands, I recall one recently, a couple bought a house next to an ancient church and demanded the bells be stopped, did they not see the church and did they not hear the clock striking whilst viewing. there are hundreds of examples of this; to my mind the magistrate should have pointed out the age of the church and the fact that the bells had rung some considerable time before either of the couple were born. Right rant over, back planning next sojourn in France. Perhaps this is why my application to become a magistrate was turned down :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


There is nothing in the article indicating from whence these people originate. Just because one is an immigrant, doesn’t mean others are: they may simply be internal migrants.

Whatever… I think Ann is taking the broad view… ie not just Bells…:relaxed:

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Any SNL-fans out there?

This happened in my home town of Sandwich - when I was a child we lived right next to the church and I dont remember it ever having been a problem but the bells have now been silenced at night.

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What religion are the complainers? France is a Christian country and bells are the messengers. They are more melodius than the cryers in Mosques!

A properly done call to prayer is just as melodious as church bells…


My house is the old Prestybere and ajoins the church. Our bells ring on the hour and half hour and with the Angelus at midday and seven in the evening. The bells dont start till nine in the morning and finish at eight at night. If I am out on the farm tracks with the dogs I can hear them which was the original intention. Its a bit like the famous American and Windsor castle airport quote “why did they build the castle so near”.

Yes there is a haunting yet exciting beauty about the adhan, I especially liked to hear the early morning one, and evening one when it was dusk.