Royal baby

not seen anyone post yet

Thanks Harry… safe arrival of any baby is always good news… and I do like the name Louis…


His predecessor was one, I had some respect for, Lord Louis.

My Dad knew and respected him (LL) during the War years …(Naval stuff) … :relaxed:

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Louis is a rather nice name, though I’m not very keen on Arthur. More 1940s than anything, I had a few Uncle Arthur’s when I was a tot. Flat caps and a Wills Woodbine cigarette on the lower lip.

Charles is a bit prim, the modern version seems to be Charlie.

The new sprog is already His Royal Highness, even though he hasn’t got control of his royal bowels. They say the Royal stools are always diverted to an exclusive gold-plate-lined sewer, lest their Royal Fragrance be polluted by being mixed with commoners’ rude effluvia. Do you imagine the rumour is true?

I suspect you are touting/spouting a lot of tosh Peter… :wink::roll_eyes:

This is one of my favourite “Charles” (definitely not a Charlie) and I sing this much better after a glass or two…

and as for Arthur… well, here he is…

:joy::grin::grin: All spouted and touted in the most impeccable taste, Stella, and from nozzles emblazoned with the Royal Crest, I would assure you most sincerely, and with a knightly swirl of my cloak. Mind that puddle, ma’am! :kissing_heart:

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He had a noteable career in the RN, Stella, a Man worthy of the term, Noble, didn’t deserve to die the way He and the children did :rose:

My Dad always said he was a great inspiration to him and his crew…

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Not to mention heaps of other things, Viceroy, Head of Combined Ops, a genuinely ‘Busy Courageous Royal’:slightly_smiling_face:

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