Royal Wedding - It's all over and everyone had a fabulous time

My local paper is well-subscribed… so “some” French folk must be interested in the forthcoming wedding… :zipper_mouth_face:

Our neighbours say they will be “glued” to their tv’s… and have invited us to join them… :relaxed:

Le Figaro is putting out an “exceptional” Live video link tomorrow…

I think BFM TV have six hours of programming on Saturday for it.

Phew…thanks for that Dave.

I don’t have TV… but with such a long coverage, I will obviously be able to spread myself about a bit… and thus not offend any of my neighbours… :wink::relaxed:

Hopefully overshadowed by the FA cup final. At least all the riff raff will be Windsor .

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Stella you can always watch it online (via any of your ‘devices’ !!) at Play TV France

I think I’ve got to clean the hen house out tomorrow.:zipper_mouth_face:


I shall enjoy visiting the various neighbours… and I know which ones have the best eau de vie tucked in the cupboard… :wink:

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No TV? There’s always a local British bar.

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Good one !! I thought (somewhere in the grey matter) all notices in a foreign language had to be translated into French…:slight_smile:


Even the BBCR4 Shipping Forecast has been rescheduled, whats happened, the World really has gone MAD! :roll_eyes:

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While I was waiting for my car’s CT to be completed the news channel in the waiting area was reporting from Windsor. The two French ladies who were watching it sniggered all the way through. When they were interviewing the people who had slept on the streets to save their place they were horrified that there was a French person joining in with the folly.

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And tomorrow its not!! Roll on tomorrow.


Don’t be a spoilsport Harry, it’s a great day for the couple and I shall enjoy seeing them get wed :slight_smile:


I’ve got this on my computer in the study… and am listening while I work around the house… dashing back in every now and again to have a look … :wink:

happy for them as a couple but as royal family, meh…

Sorry Im in the Uk at the moment seeing my dying dad and honestly entire tv dedicated to royal tv…

Now if they were paying for all the security and everything themsemves that would be nice and while they are paying for the wedding in sorts the rest the tax payer foots the bill. Its a joke and a farce.

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Other opinions are available.


that may well be so but anti royalists are on the rise and percentages have risen greatly over the past few years.

many countries who scrapped royalty are doing just as well without them.

Royal farce is all i see.

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Sums it up perfectly I think