Royal Wedding - It's all over and everyone had a fabulous time

(Mark Robbins) #7

I think I’ve got to clean the hen house out tomorrow.:zipper_mouth_face:

(stella wood) #8

I shall enjoy visiting the various neighbours… and I know which ones have the best eau de vie tucked in the cupboard… :wink:

(David Martin) #9

No TV? There’s always a local British bar.

(anon88888878) #10

Good one !! I thought (somewhere in the grey matter) all notices in a foreign language had to be translated into French…:slight_smile:

(Bill Morgan) #11

Even the BBCR4 Shipping Forecast has been rescheduled, whats happened, the World really has gone MAD! :roll_eyes:

(David Martin) #12

While I was waiting for my car’s CT to be completed the news channel in the waiting area was reporting from Windsor. The two French ladies who were watching it sniggered all the way through. When they were interviewing the people who had slept on the streets to save their place they were horrified that there was a French person joining in with the folly.

(stella wood) #13

(anon54681821) #14

And tomorrow its not!! Roll on tomorrow.

(Ann Coe) #15

Don’t be a spoilsport Harry, it’s a great day for the couple and I shall enjoy seeing them get wed :slight_smile:

(stella wood) #16

I’ve got this on my computer in the study… and am listening while I work around the house… dashing back in every now and again to have a look … :wink:

(anon54681821) #17

happy for them as a couple but as royal family, meh…

Sorry Im in the Uk at the moment seeing my dying dad and honestly entire tv dedicated to royal tv…

Now if they were paying for all the security and everything themsemves that would be nice and while they are paying for the wedding in sorts the rest the tax payer foots the bill. Its a joke and a farce.

(David Martin) #18

Other opinions are available.

(anon54681821) #19

that may well be so but anti royalists are on the rise and percentages have risen greatly over the past few years.

many countries who scrapped royalty are doing just as well without them.

Royal farce is all i see.

(Mandy Davies) #20

Sums it up perfectly I think

(David Martin) #21

As I guessed already.

(stella wood) #22

There are many, many people who do not agree with you Harry… such is life… we are all different.

Personally, I wish anyone getting married… a long and happy life together… :slight_smile:

(Timothy Cole) #23

If you’re going to make statements such as ‘anti royalists are on the rise and percentages have risen greatly over the past few years’ could you back this up with some evidence please.

(anon64436995) #24

I have to admit that tears rolled down my cheeks as I watched the events unfold, from when the brothers arrived at the Chapel right through to when Harry and Meghan kissed on the steps outside. It’s seldom I am so moved, I’m always take by surprise. It was a wonderful event, full of promise, and I hope the promises will be fulfilled in every possible way.

(anon64436995) #25

Adding to my reply to Stella, the event and particularly the symbolism of that young couple and what they shared so widely has given me cause to reflect on my negative view on monarchy. I can see more clearly that, despite some of the social perversions that follow on the class system that monarchy entrains, there is a social contract between the monarch and her people tthat has a significance I have overlooked, but which this event has revealed to me, through my tears.

(Mandy Davies) #26

I wish them the same but I don’t have strong feelings either way. I don’t begrudge them their wedding but I’m not that interested in two people I don’t know. The blanket coverage by the media has struck me as way over the top. I haven’t watched any of it apart from these few seconds… :laughing::laughing: