RSa and Aspa

Hello, I have just joined ‘Survive France’ and hope someone is able to give me some advice. Wasn’t sure which catergory to put it under so chose ‘Ask Anything’.

My husband and I retired to France in 2005 and he is soon to become a pensioner and receive his state pension from the UK. A couple of years ago we had to go on RSa because we were on a very low income.

Now that he is reaching retirement age Caf have asked us to claim our French pension and to also apply to Aspa. I have informed them that we are not entitled to a French Pension as we have never paid into the French system but they want to see a letter of rejection stating we have applied for and been refused it.

Does anyone know how we do this. I have spent hours online trying to find the correct form to apply for this pension that we know we can not get but can not find anything. Does anyone have any ideas or been in the same situation.

Thanks again.