RSAC, what, why and how?

Having just been accepted as a 'mandataire indépendant' for an online immo company, I've been asked to provide, among other things, an 'Exemplaire/photocopie de mon enregistrement au RSAC'.

I'm currently registered AE for my voice over work under the RSI umbrella.

But what is RSAC, why do I have to subscribe to it (and how) - and how will it affect my current AE status?

It took RSI many months to send my carte vitale, and many more to replace my husband's own URSSAF carte with his RSI one as he is registered under my name. Will registering under RSAC rock our boat again, and is it expensive to do?

Grateful for your input / experience, thanks in advance!

BTW, I've asked this in the tax and social charges section, please move it to a more suitable section if you deem it necessary, James or Catherine - thanks.

Hi Hilary, thanks, every little helps! I think my main concern is that I'm not actually registered as Agent Commercial either, so I imagine I have to do that first? And this seems to be governed by the URSSAF caisse whereas I'm currently with RSI.

Unless I make a sale, there'll be no income at all, only expenses incurred driving all over hell and back. As a voice artist I do have some income so that will continue to be the main income source for at least 4 months.

I just don't want to screw it all up by doing the wrong thing and in the wrong order!

Celia - don't panic! The RSAC is the "Registre Spécial des Agents Commerciaux" and costs 69.19 Euros - this from the auto-entrepreneur website:

Spécificité des agents commerciaux
Les agents commerciaux peuvent déclarent leur activité d'auto-entrepreneur en ligne. Ils doivent également s'inscrire au Registre Spécial des Agents Commerciaux (RSAC). Cette inscription doit se faire auprès du Greffe de tribunal de commerce. Son montant est de 69.19 euros.
Pour plus d'information : ou

Hope this helps

Thank you David, I'll plough through this info tomorrow. I've found a French blog filled with people who don't seem to get much joy from their questions - rather daunting!

Details here