RSI Again...Please can someone give me strength

Having done the accounts & VAT I thought I was on a roll and after discovering our online RAM Gamex account had disappeared I bravely decided to call RSI/Ram Gamex in Bourges.

Call 1.

After the usual pleasantries…

Me: hi I’m calling because I’m confused about why we appear to have 2 numeros d’immatriculation, one ending 99 the other ending 24 and why my account online is no longer working. Please can you advise why we have 2 numbers?

Madame RSI/RAM: Ah Madame, I’m afraid we don’t have any record of either of your numbers on our system, I’ll check your names, no your husband doesn’t exist on our system either. You will need to call RSI Montpellier.

Me: Oh that is very strange because we have been registered with you since 2010 and it was all working fine, you pay us for our feuille de soins without problem. I don’t understand why we are no longer registered on your system. My husband is AutoEntrepreneur which is still RSI Provinces right?

Madame RSI/RAM: Je ne sais pas Madame, call RSI Montpellier.

Me: ok merci.

Right that didn’t go well. I am now in disbelief. We no longer exist…how did that happen? So I decide to call back again hoping to get a different person.

Call 2…

After the usual pleasantries…

Me: hi I just called and spoke to someone but they couldn’t find me on the system. I’m calling because I’m confused about why we appear to have 2 numeros d’immatriculation, one ending 99 the other ending 24 can I give you my numbers?

Madame RSI/RAM2: Of course - ah yes I have found both of them.

Me: Excellent, please can you explain why we have 2?

Madame RSI/RAM2: Of course, the 99 was a temporary number, 24 is your numero definitive.

Me: ok so do they both work as I’ve been sending my Feuille de Soins in with the 99 number.

Madame RSI/RAM2: Yes they are both linked to Monsieur Fitzgerald.

Me: great, so do we need new attestations as we’ve been using the 99 number still?

And here came the favourite question:

Madame RSI/RAM2: Do you not have your Carte Vitales?

Me: (through big fake smile) No Madame, we are still waiting for them. I have called many times to ask for them but each time they are ‘relancer’ but we then hear nothing further. We weren’t even notified our RSI number had changed to a definitive number Madame. I am very confused.

Madame RSI/RAM2: (very concerned) oh Madame, I will relancer your demand of course and I will call you back on Wednesday.

Me: Merci Madame, Merci Beaucoup…

Not that I understand why she is calling me back on Wednesday or what progress will be made…but hey someone from RSI is calling me for a change. I’ll await the call…

We always pay by post on time. It's quite normal for us to receive a letter a couple of weeks after telling us we haven't paid the exact sum due which they wouldn't have known if they hadn't received the return.


well wonders will never cease, over the festive period we have received a form each from RSI asking for our photos and signatures for our carte vitales. On the 13th of this month it will be 2 years since we joined perhaps in 2012 we might get our hands on those little green cards! There is light at the end of the tunnel.

i love the RSI - so efficient and helpful - last quarter had a bill for 73,984 euros! wow, I wish we earned the sort of money that meant the 79 thousand was 25% of our earnings. She was very indignant when I said we had paid the amount due, actually before the last date for sending (I felt very smug about that) and took 5minutes to find out that this was in fact so, and we didn't actually owe that extortionate sum. What on earth made them put that on the form in the first place - beats me, and I am usually quite unflappable but that made a lasting impression!

Hi Jane,

Unfortunately we are through RSI RAM Gamex (which is for independents i.e. Self Employed) rather than CPAM although randomly I do get letters from CPAM too even though most of them seem to say something like...sorry you're not insured with us...

The number for the English speaking helpline for the Caisse Maladie English speaking helpline is 0811363646.

Even though you can speak French, they are very useful as they demand answers.

I don't know if the CPAM applies to you, all the acronyms are Greek to me!

ok so the lady Beatrice called me back today, she could see that my file had been ‘relanced’ back on 18th July and that a result was due yesterday (it can take up to 3 months each time they relance the file apparently). So as nothing has happened it will be ‘relanced’ again and I can expect to hear back in about 3 months time. She was apologetic that the process was very long and she couldn’t explain why. So I guess I should just forget about Carte Vitales until 2012!

we had already declared under the 99 number via the usual net entreprises route and then started getting random letters with this 24 number asking for his 2010 declaration! Our accountant hopefully sorted that aspect out…we’ll wait & see!

They’re a law unto themselves… They insist on using a completely different SIRET number for my husband’s business than the one all other officialdom uses (impots, greffe etc…). When I called them about it (after having sent numerous emails/letters etc) they told me that they were right and it was everyone else who had it wrong!!! They’re hilarious - if you can keep it together and see the funny side!

Dont pay for a quarter and you will soon find who holds your account and where!

Alice in Wonderland comes to mind!