RSI form


Are there other bits to pay apart from the usual calculation?

thank you.

Yes, as of this year, autoentrepreneurs are not anymore exempt from this small tax that serves to finance the activity of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. All autoentrepreneurs pay it, regardless of activity.

on the RSI form what is/who pays taxe cci prestation obligatoire...???
do gite owners pay this??


I'm not quite sure what the background for this question is. We are registered as an Entreprise Individuelle. RSI sends us quarterly the papers with how much to pay. Our previous year revenue is declared to them in May, and in October/November we get a calculation of whether we should pay a bit more or if what we have paid was enough.
For an Autoentrepreneur, my understanding is that you declare your revenue quarterly (monthly?) and pay according to "the usual calculation", and that should be it.