RSI - hurrah at last a response

So you will know from my previous posts, I’ve been chasing RSI for a European S12 form which allows me to have a baby in the UK (yes I am English but having moved to France - we now contribute to the French system and hence I need RSI to give me permission to give birth to No3 in the UK), having declared to the NHS that we live permanently in France and are temporarily in the UK they have asked for the paperwork from RSI.

I have phoned, sent letters with acknowledgement of receipt & heard nothing.

Until today.

Today - I received a letter from the Medical Chef de Service of RSI who appears to have discovered Microsoft Comic Sans font (for those of you who don’t know this font - it’s usually banned from official business as it’s effectively a ‘clown’ non serious font) but Monsieur le Chef de Service seems to like it & today so do I.

His letter basically says I have 2 possibilities:

  1. If the treatments are undertaken by the NHS I don’t have to pay any fees
  2. If the treatments are undertaken by anyone other than the NHS then I should send them to RAM Gamex who will determine if they are remboursable under French legislation.

    I’m assuming a birth at ‘The Portland’ won’t be covered by French legislation…

    I have this letter which is great as it means someone actually does read all the letters I’ve sent in, but it doesn’t include the S12 form that the NHS admin team requested. I’ll try giving them the letter & a translation…and we’ll see how it goes from here.

    I was hoping for the ‘sorry Madame you need to have your baby in France, ask your husband to take a month off his current contract whilst being paid by his ever so kind client’ but unfortunately that’s just what is says in my dreams.

    Perhap I should write to Monsieur le Chef (in MS Comic Sans) and ask if he would be so kind as to send out our carte vitales?

Things as these are mentioned on rules "health expenses coverage when abroad" . If not, try calling RSI-RAM and cross your fingers about finding a nice and smart woman employee, which was my case.

Truth about social contributions (all that URSSAF, RSI-RAM, etc) in France is that, although there is a written law, most individuals working in these places are not really well informed. Why? First, it's the "my piece of cheese in my corner", and (2) labor and health laws in France change almost every 2 months, so employees have little time to learn or digest the "old" that they're already being asked to conform to the "new" one.