RSI scam - watch out for fraudulant RSI letters!

TFI have just run a story this lunchtime about fraudulant claims for cotisations from the RSI - well to be precise it isn't the RSI but some one using their name and letterheads etc. to demand money. They highlighted the case of new auto entrepreneurs who don't know how the system works and so pay when asked to do so. The letterhead shown on TFI was slightly different to the standard RSI one but if you're new you'd probably think it was 100% ok as the guy interviewed on the TV did.

Soyez vigilants mes amis !

Yep, you got it but we can't really do much. It's the beehive system, and the civil servants get the most out of it. Get folks to create their own business, say little as possible and they'll contribute blindly to every cell. A month after starting my own business, I received a letter from an organization asking for "due payment of 30000Fr". Heck, I just turned right around and wrote that "if so, I'd close the business tomorrow because I had not earned much in one month of activity". Never heard from them again. I've been paying URSSAF + RSI-RAM, but have been covered mostly by Aviva, my old salaried insurance, that I kept when going from salariƩ to ETI. Fortunately, I've had the chance to work with accountants, statutory auditors and labor law experts, all these years so when something is up, I don't hesitate to mention it.

And it doesn't help when the "real" RSI and URSSAF are pseudo crooks either...!!!