RSI - what do we need to do?

Hi folks,

My husband is an AE. When asked for a beneficiary in the online form he listed me. However, when I sent in the paper that your doctor has to sign (himself as insured and me as beneficiary) it came back saying it was not filled out correctly, but didn't say how. We have all lines filled in so we are baffled.

We have sent several feuille de soins in to them because I have made several doctor visits, including to expensive specialists, and no response or payment. I also got a hefty lab bill for blood work saying we had to pay cash because I am not in the system.

We filled out all the forms correctly, why am I not in the system? And he has not even received payment back from his doctor visit either.

Thanks for any help


As you say it sounds as if they haven't added you as "ayant droit". They missed my kids off when I changed from the cpam to the rsi, they needed birth certificates, ID, livret de famille (which you won't have but that's not a problem) no problems for me as they're all in French anyway, they may want yours translated but try with the english originals first. Yes take as much documentation as possible, anything that could be relevant to you both, the proof of the fact that your OH has declared and paid too. I can't comment on other wives having problems or not as mine's French...! Certainly best to see somebody face to face. Bonne chance ;-)

Our work began here on Jan 1st, and we just paid our quarterly taxes. So they must be aware of us. I've never heard of any of the other wives having a problem, I'm basically being told I don't exist.

We are going there in person this week as we have to go to Gueret to grocery shop. Do you have any recommendations as to what to bring? ID I assume, and the letter saying the form from our family doctor is not filled out right, and our letter from RSI with my husband's "immatriculation" number. Also we are bringing the printout of when he added me online months ago as his beneficiary.

When you call that number you only get someone on tape speaking French and menu choices in French, my guess is it's French only. Curious as well if anyone knows.

You just have to dial the number. No need for country code. Afraid it's not one I've tried myself as I don't deal with RSI (except when it means repetitive strain injury!) but it was recommended by an SFNer a while back and I copied it to the Useful Links page. Anybody know more about this number? 0811 01 30 30. Is it indeed an English-speaking help line? Or just French?

I found the number but I don't know if it's right, do you have to dial country code first? There is a menu in French only and I don't understand it.

Awesome, thank you! I'd rather try in English first.

If you need an English-speaking help line to RSI there's one listed on the Useful Links page.

registered is one thing, everything in place to be reimbursed is another, it takes months and if you haven't yet worked or are not yet in the system I can understand that it they're not sure wha to do - why don't you go it alone as an AE or get your EU health card thing (know it exists but never had one). I think you simply need to go along to your local urssaf and sort it out face to face, that's the best way to get results in france ;-)

Everything is filled in on the form properly I believe, the doctor looked at it also and said so. I think that they said it's not right due to me not existing in their system.

We have never been reimbursed on any feuille de soin yet. My husband has his SIRET number, that was not a problem. He has been registered as AE since January 1st.

you need to know what isn't correct on the form so we can help, or scan it so we can have a look. Are none of you feuille de soin being reimbursed? have you got your siret N° etc. how long have you been registered AE ?

I don't have a carte vitale yet, nor have I received any forms to fill out and send a photo, nor my husband.

stick your carte vitale into the nearest borne (cpam or pharmacie) and check the details on it first, then go back to the rsi if you're not on it and ask why. Bonne chance ;-)