Rubber soled boots for elderly dogs

I bought these for my 16 and a half year old English Setter, Tosca, because she sometimes slips on tiled floors and also has difficulty regaining her feet after lying down or sitting.

They work really well but are not on all the time. They need to be tight, you will see that one of them has slipped round, and I have a slight worry about restricting blood flow.

They are not needed on concrete or for walks outside.

The only problem is they are a bit difficult to put on and secure as she won’t stand still.


I bought some dogsox for Wonder Dog to help him get upstairs.
They work quite well, but some degree of fitness is required.

I make them for our dog, custom fitted!! I’ve found that if I’m careful when I put them on that the velco isn’t pulling the fabric at an angle then they don’t twist round. Bought one are rather expensive.

His problem is that his paws get cut easily rather than age.

We have just a small bit of lane for our dog to walk on when the tarmac is melting on our lane, as of now,
so we take her out via our field.
Poor girl she has problems getting up and down but can still chase things at full tilt.