Rubbish collection

I wonder if anyone can answer a query on this. We have had a bill for Euros163 for "ORDURES MENAGERES ".

We had thought rubbish collection would be included in local taxes. Has anyone else had this? I really do not want to go along to local authority and start querying it and getting all uptight with them if this the norm!?

Many thanks for any feedback ...much appreciated

Join the revolt.

We have two bins one for general rubbish, the one to be weighed the other for card, time and plastic bottles and a box for paper, glass bottles we take to a central collection point.

we have had rubbish collected and weighed for over a year now, the charge is based on 26 collections but you get a rebate for not putting rubbish out every week with a minimum charge of 16 collections average bill is around €100 per six months, (with full rebate) just beware strangers filling your bin with their rubbish

Seems an interesting idea Andy. I assume you have recycling in your area ? My town has 11000 inhabitants but we still haven't been converted to recycling !I know of much smaller, forward thinking councils where recycling is the norm. Seems they have other priorities when it comes to spending my taxes !

In our area in the Haute Pyrenees we are going over to having our bins charged by wieght, each one has an electronic chip and is wieghed before it is emptied. There will be a standard charge then per kilo billed every six months. It starts next Jan 1st on a years trial then commences billing Jan 2017.I think it will reduce our bill as we recycle as much as we can, compost and take hevey items to the tip.

only if one had personal transport Doreen twice ive paid French locals to take me & my rubbish and can’t get them to take me again, I moved away, other moves next week and he’s been busy clearing all his own stuff out for weeks. family of 5! now I’ve so many bottles/jars/ glass/plastic/cardboard/paper, from milk and cereal boxes etc., I don’t know what to do!

yes I went to Mairie last year, to see if stuff like that could be collected (as one in Herault did with the wirecage sided lorry. yes we paid for extra for that collection, not all the stuff mentioned above, we had a trailer and did our own, now I cant. I tried here with my log trolley to take some full bags to the recyling bins at end of village, but they were full as well and don’t know when the full ones are collected?
also answer from Mairie was no, they do have a lorry for their stuff and village plant pot rubbish and road sweepings of leaves etc., but I’m learning up here it’s the custom for French to look after their own, just saying, not grumbling!

strangely I just paid mine today when I found a letter I’d not opened dated 5 August -it was from a bailiff (huissier) threatening legal action if I don’t respond immediately - so at 3. 50 I phoned to be told in English it’s for the garbage! where’d he learn his English! so 116,22 euros worse off, I paid on the phone with carte bleue, then panicked because I had to give those 3 secret little numbers on back of card. hope I haven’t done something daft!

Nobody collects qny rubbish from anyone here…apart from businesses…there are recycling and bin containers throughout the town and commune, and people must do their recycling and dumping themselves…yet we still pay 169 euro a year.

SMICTOM isn't actually a company its an acronym----- Syndicat Mixte de Collecte et Traitement des Ordures Menagéres. There are SMICTOMS all around France. Our local one has just moved to fortnightly collections alternating with a collecte of some but not all recyclables in the intervening week. All our bins are microchipped so we are generously offered eighteen enlèvements "free of charge". Free being a relative term as the original publicity for the scheme was that we would pay less than we were paying under the old tax based scheme. Of course this has not come to pass. We pay a basic subscription for the service , a tax in other words, which is more than the old even allowing for inflation, we get our "free " lifts and then the rest we pay for. The SMICTOM argues that part of the rationale is that they have to take account of land fill tax; however our bins are categorised by volume, no attempt is made to weigh each bin which would be a straightforward bit of automation/IT. The SMICTOM pays its landfill charges on tonnage so the customer probably loses out again. All this was introduced with no prior consultation with the population. So-called consultation took place after the event. Fortunately the local population is organising against the SMICTOM before the countryside is littered with fly tipping.

Ref Communauté de Communes

Not all ordures ménagères are included in the local taxes Arnaud.

My town is in the C de C but I pay a separate charge for the rubbish collection.

This has become a very sore point here this year. We used to pay 256 euros per year as part of our TF. Now USTOM33 handles it. It has increased from their bills last year by 23% we now get no bottle collection and only fortnightly rubbish and recycling collections for 440 euros per year!! That though is only for 18 lifts per year, anything over 18 is charged at 7.50 per!

Bonjour Jennifer

The tax "ordures ménageres" is calculated on the basis of the number of people living in the flat/house.

If your town is part of a "communauté de communes", this tax is already included in the local taxes and it should be specified somewhere on your details.

If your town is not part of a group of other villages then you have to pay them.

The amount can vary depending on the waste treatment schemes (more expensive in some areas than others).

FYI it is around 100 Euros a year for me.

I hope that helps

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P.S: If you need further information please visit the following web-page:

It's important to get yourselves into the correct user category for garbage collection..

The private company managing rubbish in (I think all of).. Ille et SMICTOM..

they publish and supply a very easy to read set of leaflets and other bits of paper...that explain in detail..Charges and services... I didn't see mine at far as I can remember...until I got what looked to me like a crazy bill, for a service I couldn't possibly use...

and finding no obvious reason why...I the manner of a front line the kind lady in the Mairie. I do not suppose all Mairies are kind enough to take the matter in hand...but this Mairie did...and I soon discovered...that my bill ...(had I paid attention and read all the bits of paper.) ..was quite wrong for me, my house, and my circumstances.

And it has now been reduced accordingly. (Less than half)....

Any doubts...write to the company, or ask at the Mairie, for idiot-proof, easy to understand details... In rubbish collection company, stated..had an excellent-english speaker/writer...who could explain all the details (twice) good eng.

Our local recycling centre in the UK has recently changed it's opening hours from 09.00 - dusk 7 days to 10.00am - 16.00 hrs Saturday to Wednesday!!

Don't tell the French!

During an extended stay in the UK earlier this year, we received an unexpected bill for euros 195, without any explanation. Have now received a Contrat Abonnement Service de Collecte Des Dechets Menagers, with an accompanying note saying for 2 persons we must now pay a further euros 142. Looking forward to our Tax d'Habitation to see if there is any reduction there, I doubt it.

I believe that it is something to do with the new commune as this is being orchestrated for the marie in the nearby town of Quillan and not our local marie, who has now been downgraded to deputy status.

Looks like a money grabbing exercise to me. Waiting for my now restricted opening times at our marie for an explication.

Robert Hird.

used to be included in tax d'hab now charged separately

In my Village this tax used to be included in the TH…now they send a separate bill from the Taxe d’habitation…depends on a local decision so you can see the actual cost…and yes , no matter how painful,it must be paid!

for some people it's on their taxe d'hab bill (itemized to show how much is for ordures menageres) for some it's seperate but either way you pay