Rudd falls on her sword

But will it be enough to save May?

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Is there an issue with removing illegal immigrants?

Is there an issue with setting targets?

I understand there is an issue of the definition on an illegal immigrant which has resulted in the recent issues as highlighted by the Windrush cases.

I understand there is an issue with misleading parliament.

Excluding the Winrush cases is there an issue with removing illegal immigrants?

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Love Jonathan Pie… x :slight_smile:

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TM will be targetted next.

Just call a GE and get Jezza in, all problems solved overnight.

Any money on Gove being appointed in her (Rudd) place?
He’s got the morals of a house fly and will protect his leader to the end in the hope he will get her (May) job.

She is now free to join the Remainers on the back benches.
Arlene Foster is also getting very antsy about David Davis about the Northern Ireland border.

She’ll need to bring a remainer into cabinet and probably into the Home Office to keep the peace, so not sure about Gove.

Hunt could be a possibility.

…and her replacement is,

Calling a General Election now may well result in Jeremy Corbyn being PM - although I cannot see how that would solve any problems whatsoever - chaos and national bankruptcy would follow.

The change in home sec isn’t enough to trigger a general election in its own right, if the issues spread to what the PM knew or didn’t know (after all the targets etc were probably her doing) then it might cause more of a ruckus.

However, for now, I suspect the Opposition will be happy with the pound of flesh that it has extracted from the government.

If JC got in the only benefit I can see would be if he put Brexit on hold based on the fact that there isn’t time to work out what bits of negotiation done by the Tories needs to be backtracked before October(ish) this year when everything needs to be ratified by the UK and EU parliaments.

Well, I got that wrong.
The political pundits say that Sajid argues vehemently with TM so a surprising appointment apart from the ‘window dressing’ opportunity this provides.
Interesting how May did a piece to camera this morning admitting that there were targets… Rudd was obviously considered canon fodder (despite her obvious loyalty standing in for her in the TV debates prior to the last snap election. If TM knew about it, why didn’t she stand up and have the decency to say so rather than sacrifice her ‘friend’.
This is not over yet for TM. Rudd will be ‘unchained’ on the back benches and she knows where the bodies are buried…

Can’t have been comfortable for her trying to do her job in burning pants.

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