Ruelle de Porc by Sarah Hague

(Helen Aurelius-Haddock) #1

I just thought I’d share supper tonight with you because I was pretty

pleased with myself as it all came from making it up as I went along.

First stop, ruelle de porc. This is a really cheap cut of meat that

needs slow cooking.

I browned an onion then browned the pork, poured in several slugs of

white wine and, while it was sizzling, cut up a bunch of carrots and

some cherry tomatoes that were going wrinkled. I added several cloves of

garlic, chopped, and some herbs from the garden - thyme, chives, sage,

and put in the oven 180°C for a couple of hours. I added some water at

the end.

Then I made a kind of ratatouille - browned the aubergine chunks, then

added chopped onion, slices of courgette and later some chopped tomato. I

threw in a rosemary twig from the garden, loads more garlic, and

parsley and let it simmer but not so it all disintegrated.

Finally mashed spuds with olive oil instead of butter, some milk and a

teaspoon of mustard, and I must say, it was MEGA yummy. All the flavours

went marvellously together and the pork just melted off the bone.