Rugby on Amazon Prime?

OH loves to watch rugby and he’s irritated that so little of the current tournament is being shown on terrestrial TV.
Apparently it’s on Amazon Prime which we subscribe to. But I can’t find it - all I can see are lists of films / TV shows etc.
Anyone any suggestions please as to where I can find the rugby? Thanks for any help.

I haven’t got it on mine either - think it’s now a regional thing, even though I pay for Amazon prime UK. Might have to reconsider…

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Thanks Mark. This whole regional stuff is annoying! Same on netflix.

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Just had a look, on the main page click on prime video next to black Friday week, top banner is for the nations cup and the first item in the Amazon originals is the autumn nations cup.
Also if you put autumn nations cup in as a search it comes up with it as

The Wales v England game was on C4S and the France V Italy is on France 2

@Griffin36 Thanks Colin and @Wozza Warren.
He watched the Wales v England match. France v Italy maybe less of an issue - tough watching Italy get beaten.

Hi Colin, not getting anything like that either on TV or on my computer. All we are offered is films / series / TV.
Are you on on your computer or on your TV? on PC, TV and phone.

Colin are you in the UK or using a VPN in in France?

Pays de la Loire, no VPN using Opera browser.

@Griffin36 Thanks for the screenshot Colin. Nothing like that here. I have managed to find a list of videos - not available / not available / not available / and one -last Saturday - watch now. Clicked on it to be told only available in the UK, as we suspected.

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It might be because I am using UK Sims in the phone and router but a VPN should work.

How strange. This is what I get.

Must be. We have a VPN. I rarely bother these days. Certainly not friendly trying to set it up on the TV!

What happens when you do a search for autumn nations cup.

I’ve just checked on Amazon fr not showing the game. Not a problem as watching on France 2 but next week looking like having to do streaming


That’s exactly what I get too, internet provided by

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That’s when I tracked down a whole series of videos - not available

I have a dual SIM phone and just did a search with the French sim and it shows up just the same.


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