Rugby World Cup site overwhelmed

There I was cheering myself up thinking I might actually get to see a game in 30 months time and the ticket buying website is flooded… :roll_eyes:

I will probably use Gullivers to get a couple of tickets, maybe England games in Marseille and Paris . We (me and mates here and in UK) use them for our 6 nations tickets as it includes a couple of nights in a hotel. Could probably do it cheaper, but tickets are guaranteed.

What are the odds on NZ XXX - 0 IT ?

As they were saying on TV this w/e, Italy is not the Italy of Troncon and the great Parisse. With a points diff of -143 against the team one above them in the 6N’s I agree that there should be a 2-tier championship.

Let them find out how to win against teams like Spain. I came across a well attended rugby training event on the beach at Valencia. Lots of enthusiasm despite blistering heat

I’m hoping to get the 3-match City Pack for Bordeaux. As I understand it, you get to choose 2 of the 3 games, so I’m hoping to be able to see the Wales and Springboks games. Highly doubt my 3rd game will get to be the Ireland match though. However, I’m not a Mastercard customer so although I registered for the pre-sale, I have to wait until Wednesday to be in with a chance of getting anything. Fingers crossed it’s not already all sold out by then :frowning:

I’m still sitting in the queue, so’s my SIL in Oz, this could a three shift purchasing exercise. We need a pal in California to take over later :slightly_smiling_face:

The one I really want is Ireland vs SA for all sorts of nostalgic reasons.

I doubt it will be sold out Garath, it’s probably all the people working from home that have swamped the site.

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