Rugby world cup 🏉

And they’re off! Cracking start, I can’t wait for the rest :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
(Edited to add) in spite of the sad lack of eye candy so far :rofl:


Great opening match.

Good viewing ahead :slightly_smiling_face:


I didn’t see your new thread Vero so I started one. I’ll try and cull mine :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great opening game, hope England’s game tonight is just as good…

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Hoping so, but very much fearing the worst based on recent performances. Looking forward to the Scotland game. What a great rugby fest :+1:

Here’s what I posted in the family WhatsApp chat earlier this week…

J-3 :rugby_football:
Moi, je prévois le suivant…

QF1 - AUS vs ARG
QF2 - ADS vs NZL
QF3 - ANG vs PDG
QF4 - FRA vs IRL

SF1 - AUS vs ADS
SF2 - PDG vs FRA

Finale - ADS vs FRA

Ça sera donc l’Afrique du Sud qui va gagner.

We’ll see how well I guessed :grin:

Also, this might be useful…

What? Is this possible?

Wasn’t it a great game! I was going to watch the Haka and kickoff then the last 10 minutes but we watched it all!

Just prepped my house in readiness for Oz v Georgia!!


Looking good! Nearly 1/2 time and 21-3! Gutted just looked and no Oz games in Bordeaux! St Etienne v Portugal on 01/10 will have to look up prices! Long drive though!

Were Ireland playing cricket earlier??:grin:

35-15! I’m keeping my flag out until we get kicked out! My dream final Australia France :rofl:

My dream final New Zealand - France. Oops.

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Bloody Kiwis :rofl: :rofl:

The cheapest ones go for about €200 each. The ticket system has been a joke yet again.

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Earlier this week there were plenty of tickets available for the Ireland game at 116€ each.

Well done England, thought the early red card was a bit harsh, but they did what they had to do .

Yes, well done England, best defense from England I’ve seen in a while, G Ford, really bossed the game. Manu, Lawes, Otoje, Earl really stepped up. Scrum and line out clicking into place :+1:. Argentina looked out of sorts and played badly especially against 14, they’ve really had a bad day in the office. :england:


Apparently (this is from my friend who was there) the organisation of getting fans into the ground was pretty shambolic