Rugby world cup 🏉

Its "supposed " to be something to do with the seriousness of players injuries- yeah right :wink:

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Not a good start for us :pleading_face: :australia:


I’m enjoying this so far!

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Great game, we just can’t get through their defence and now we have no hope :sob:

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Well, didn’t expect that :flushed: think curtains for Mr Jones!

No surprise for me. Aus are a very poor RU side. RU is in the shadow of RL down under, all the good players play in the NRL.

:sob: :australia: :australia: :sob:

Great game. Really enjoyed that. Think Wales has a very real chance of making it to the semi final now… really didn’t think that was likely at the beginning of the competition.


I am trying to get tickets for the Fiji v Georgia game in Bordeaux on Saturday, so if you know anyone with a spare………

And if you find an extra 2 we’ll come with you :rofl:

Got one!!! (Via RWC website)


Fiji V Georgia yesterday in Bordeaux


It was quite an exciting game to watch on TV, lots of handling errors though.

Yet another boring encounter between Scotland and Romania though. This has to be the most tedious WC ever as too many poor teams are allowed to enter. Things will be even worse in 2027 as 24 teams will be competing.

But what a thrill and encouragement for those “poor” teams…
and sometime there is an unexpected outcome :wink:


You cannot just have the same elite teams playing all the time, if the teams win their qualification groups they should be there, for most it is the only time they will play against bigger teams and the only way they will play in the big occasions and get better as a result.
Hopefully they will learn from the matches and improve as they play better teams, also it gives the lesser teams something to aim at so they can get better, it’s just elitiste to think the smaller teams should not be there and isn’t good for the game over all.


I’m with Stella and Griffin on this. Yes, teams like Romania and Georgia aren’t going to win the final, but the coverage will hopefully inspire the younger generation in those countries to learn about the sport.


Sorry, I think the competition is cheapened by the presence of so many poor teams, and it will get worse.
I think there should be twelve teams max with extensive qualification groups leading up to the finals. So, for example, the best team from a group containing say, Uruguay, Namibia, Romania, Chile and France should each other twice with the top two qualifying for the finals.
None of the emerging nations have actually improved since playing with the major nations, Italy have probably regressed.
This has been a poor WC so far though the interesting games are to come.

So how do they progress their rugby if you stop them from playing better teams, it’s simple just stop watching any games that don’t have two elite teams in it, that way the rest of us can watch and go to the other games and see and support them.