Rugby World Cup

That was a nail biter. Wales deserve the 28 - 25 win over England. Tomorrow my lot will roast the USA alive...

Who will win the Cup this time?

Me too. A double tragedy today.

My daughters & I spent 80 odd minutes on the edge of having a heart attack, what a game!

Well done the jocks, a credit to Ms Sturgeon...

I never expected Scotland to win but sooooo close. That was the best northern hemisphere performance in the quarters, Joubert the referee made some terrible decisions and might even have cost Scotland the game. That last penalty appears to have been wrong because the ball touched an Oz player on the way down, but there you go. There should also have been over two minutes of stoppage time. Like many other games, the officials need to be watched better and rely on the TMO more rather than simply making a decision without checking.

Clean sweep for the south though. Kiwis for sure. Oz are pretty good but could have folded today, Springboks not there with either. So Kiwis will have the Boks over easily and Oz might have a fight on their hands if Argentina play to the kind of form they produced today. I am looking forward to the next games more than the final.

I bet. I cannot believe my lot went into the break ahead. No doubt the game plan will be made to get the Wallabies back to form in the dressing room but if Scotland tighten up the discipline a bit them might yet be a shock. If Argentina can do what they did...

That was bloody painful. Glad I went to last Sunday’s match not today’s.

Well blow me down. Argentina are something else. Have they been extracting the fluids so far? A good game. Now for Scotland versus the Queen Vic (got both a Beale and a Mitchell... Bianca!!!! nah...). Let's all wave bye-bye to northern hemisphere teams in a bit under 80 minutes.

I don't believe it Alison and I was at the match, but if it did happen I hope it happens again soon :-)

Nine tries and seven conversions. The nine says it all about the defence. Which defence?

It is not that NZ were better, which they clearly illustrated, but that France are no worse or better than England, an overblown collective 'ego' which does not reflect their bland game, trying to use set pieces without discipline so that those who try to go it alone simply blow it, relying on drawing the opposition into giving away penalties and too many plodding animals rather than clever, young players. New coach, new team, new ideas or forget it.

What occurs to me thinking back over the tournament so far, is that drawing the team into making penalties and poor ball handling that prevents attempts at scoring tries have stood out above all. The TMO is a good idea but they have missed too many infringements along with too many bad refereeing decisions. Some results have been wrong because the refereeing was bad and too many penalties went to the wrong team. NZ play something like a well coached version of traditional rugby, which proves the point that scoring tries and a few drop goals can still do better than a string of penalties. That is why some of the tier two teams are coming on with foreign trainers and their older way of playing. Watch out for a Canada or Georgia improving radically and shocking the world in the near future.

Now to watch out. There's going to be some hunters with very sore heads who will want to shoot anything today...

"what else can you say really???"

Ermm, "men against boys" - "humiliating" - "pathetic" ' "clueless" - "unfit" et al.

And I thought England were bad....

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what else can you say really???

Woo, there's gonna be vast oceans of tears after that humiliation. That wave of tries, boo boom boom was impressive, to put it mildly. Blacks possession and attack is too sharp for most other teams. Oh, well that's it.

Awesome first half from NZ !

The first kiwi try scorer is a big bugger, 6' 7" and 20 stones not the sort of chap i'd want to bump into on a dark night...

I blame Sepp Blatter for everything !

Here's the true story - They were fed poisoned vegemite sandwiches by Nelson Mandela who came along in a white fiat with the Duke of Edinburgh - the same hit team that took out the late Princess of Wales in Paris. That of course was after they had faked up the Moon landing pictures and kidnapped Shergar. What a pair, eh.

Poor Boyos. Silly asses with all those penalties but still - HAD they got that try right at the start (learn to pass, Jenkins!) & then carried on as they were... 4 points, arrrrgh. I feel v sorry for them.

Sounds a wise move..

More locally, well done to CAB (Brive) who managed to beat the mighty Toulon - well done lads.

Total lack of discipline, threw it away. Boks deserve it for that, but next round I think they be out.

At least we have the haka to look forward to... I turned down the invitation to join the chasse and a few others at the big screen. Didn't fancy getting my shoes wet when several hundred of them break into tears!