Rules about 'périscolaire' / cours d'anglais

So on the new declaration it specifically mentions it being OK to go and get your kid from ‘periscolaire’ activities. Does this mean I can carry on with my after school English classes? and where I can find the info about the rules?

How did you set up/arrange your périscolaire class… was it through the school ?? if it was, they will have the necessary info… I would have thought…

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OK I thought I’d update for anyone else that may be interested!

After not getting very far with finding out some info about this and only having 1 student happy to do a zoom lesson (went very well!) I managed to speak to the mayor today (he is our neighbour!) and he said he thought it was OK but to check the village website as there is a A-Z list of can and can’t . Sure enough ‘services a personnes’ is listed as being:

Autorisés si listés à l’article D72131-1 du
Code du travail ou non interdits dans un
établissement recevant du public.

I then went and found the law and sure enough:
5° Soutien scolaire à domicile ou cours à domicile ;
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Hooray my brand new fledgling business can carry on! Well the ones I do at home, the one where I use a room in the marie however I’m still not sure on, I think it is a no.

Sorry didn’t realised I hadn’t replied! No it is my own ME business.

I’m second guessing if I’ve correctly understood this before I start calling parents. @vero could you please cast your expert eye for me and see if I have correctly understood this?

I think you are OK doing it, ideally online but in person is allowed if online isn’t possible :blush:

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We are currently contracted to a series of Management Science tutorials and the subsequent marking of the said work. We do not have the problem of ‘in person’ arrangements, purely online, a good job too, Lancaster University is in foreign parts and we are situated in La Creuse.