Rules for Bringing A Puppy to France?


I want to bring a puppy over from the UK to France but no one seems to be able to tell me what the rules are.

Does anyone know how old the puppy needs to be?

Or how long it takes to get the passport?

Or how long I have to wait after the shots?

Sorry to ask so many questions....



Ooh, are you sneaking around under the radar of chat, lol? I thought I'd missed you (everyone's gone to bed). Happy it helps a little, even though you'll have to wait for your pupster.

Thanks Valerie. That’s great. Looks like I will have to wait for next litter to get my puppy! How annoying.

Hi Vicky,

Sorry I didn't reply to this earlier - busy, irritating day. This is taken from France in the UK, French Embassy, site. Hopefully it answers some of your questions.

Requirements to enter France with your pet animal(s) (cats, dogs, ferrets)

These are, in order:

1. Identification: clearly readable tattoo or microchip under the skin (this is an electronic identification system).

2. Valid vaccination against rabies (first vaccination and boosters).

(1. and 2. are specified in the passport.)

3. An EU pet Passport attesting valid rabies vaccination delivered by a Government-approved vet (in the UK, a local veterinary inspector). The passport also provides for a record of other past vaccinations, but a valid rabies vaccination will be the sole requirement for pets from EU Member States to enter into France.

Since 20 May 2005, pets under three months old and not vaccinated against rabies are not allowed to enter into France.

The animal is allowed to enter into France 21 days after its first full anti-rabies vaccination.

Please see the French Ministry for Agriculture pdf document for further information.

Ministère de l’Alimentation, de l’Agriculture et de la Pêche

More generally, treatments for tapeworms and ticks are not compulsory but they are advisable.

I'm attaching their website address for further info. It doesn't say (that I could say) when the site was last updated but I would hope the French Embassy keeps it pretty much up to date! Hope it helps.,2780

Hi Vicky - make sure you join the dog lovers group too! x